Thursday, May 19, 2011

Italy take II...

Wowzer... I never thought I would get the chance to use this blog again!! I mean with a url of ktinitaly and the title Avventure in Italia (Adventures in Italy) it just seemed like I couldn't write non-italian adventures I had here... it just wouldn't be prudent. BUT now I feel that it is MORE than prudent that I recommence in my blogging due to the fact that


I am so excited I can hardly wait! On March 23, 2011, I got a big white envelope in the mail. That envelope contained my mission call and future home for the next 18 months of my life.

Holding my future in my hands... Dying to open it... with all the friendsies gathered!

The map of guesses...

I opened it with shaky hands and while I attempted to cover up my destination, the paper slipped after the first line and I saw the words...


. At that point it was like an emotional explosion erupted in my heart; My first thought was to shed tears of joy, but then I decided to just express my joy through laughter, that then just morphed into screams of joy (and jumping up and down)... yes there was lots of joy... Well all that emotional confusion lead to a hilarious video of my reaction, and my family wondering where the heck I was going, because I still hadn't said it... so I finally screamed... "THE MILAN ITALY MISSION!!!" And everyone erupted right along with me. You see, it was no secret that Italy was my secret desire for my mission location. Everybody said it was going to be Italy, but I didn't ever think that because I didn't want to build up false hope! Yes- I would have loved anywhere, but after 6 semesters of studying the language, and doing study abroad there, I was just so stinkin' in love with the place! When I saw that I would be going back, it just felt... well, perfect!

Me and Josie with the opened call!
My lovely Parents! I wouldn't be able to do this without them! They are just so AMAZING!

I CANNOT wait to go! I leave July 20th, so yes, I will be here for Harry Potter :) Praise be! But I thought it might be fun to start documenting the getting ready process- you know all the shopping trips, luggage purchasing, final adventures, and all other forms of mission prepping! Then my fam can post all my future letters here....

And so my blog is back, I'm going back to Italia, and so le Avventure in Italia are gonna start all over again!!!!

La mia bella Italia, tornerò!