Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miracle of the week:

Just a quick update for the week... Sorry I don't have time to write more! I did go to Rimini this week for an exchange... it was awesome!

Miracle of the week: On Thursday we went and had a lesson with our investigator Daniella. It was our second lesson. We gave her the book of Mormon on monday and by thursday when we went back she was in second Nephi! She told us about her experiences she had as a result of reading the Book of Mormon and praying... Monday she was literally desparate... she was out of money, almost out of food and didn't know what to do. We promised she would see miracles if she did what we told her to do. Thursday she called us in the morning... she had found work and her ex-husband paid his child support! That night She was beaming as she talked about how she had taught her 11 year old son to pray the correct way and he had asked for these things and Heavenly Father answered their prayers right away! It was amazing!! We extended the baptismal invite at the end of the lesson and she said yes!!! She is so amazing!

I talked in church on Sunday. After I read Seth and Chads emails last week I realized chad has already talked 5 times in his ward so I didn't feel so bad for myself ;) But I used what chad talked to his ward about for my talk... the importance of Reading the book of mormon and Praying to know it is true... It works miracles... look at Daniella!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Famiglia!! Ciao tutti!

I hope you all are doing good! I know that it is a busy time for BIRTHDAYS!!! How is it possible that Sabrines and Ems are sooooo old.... It must mean that I am a grandma ;) I hope you guys have sooooo much fun! Know I love you and will be thinking about you TONS!!

Well since I wrote you last week things went like this... for the rest of the week we were inside. Yep in the house, Slla Laratro terribly sick, me reading, studying, writing, studying, reading again, studying again.... Yep fun! But don't worry I am not complaining, I had lots more time to grow, make new goals, and grow somemore! Man, I must give a shout out to you mom, cuz taking care of one sick little missionary was enough to make me pooped! I felt so bad cuz there wasn't really anything I could do but make sure she had her medicine, make her herbal tea, and pray she felt better! But horrah!! She is better!!!! And the thing is even though we weren't able to go out until Sunday we still saw miracles!

So with that week of not working we were a bit disappointed because we had set up an appointment with a woman the anziani found named Daniella 3 times and had to cancel it. But saturday, Slla Laratro called her and cancelled our appointment once more, but invited her to church. She bore her testimony and told her that she would do everything in her power to be there, so we wanted to see her (Daniella) there too. Sunday morning, even though Slla Laratro was still not feeling good, we went to church. About 10 minutes into sacrament meeting in walks... Daniella!!! She stayed for the entire time! YAHOO!!! Monday we were able to finally leave the house! It was wonderful! We litterally talked to EVERYONE we met because we have a lot of making up to do! We were able to go and teach Daniella again too! She is wonderful and truly searching, She is really humble too and sensitive to the spirit! It was a miracle that although we weren't able to teach this past week, Heavenly Father blessed us with a new Investigator! We are still working with Alice and Violetta, but with a week of not visiting them.... ahhhh! But I know that Heavenly Father will take care of things and it will work out in the end!

The past 2 days we have really been contacting! We have made it a focus to talk about the Book of Mormon to EVERYONE! It is basically the first thing we say after Ciao is Have you seen this book?? It's been neat to get to bear my testimony so many times about how that book has changed my life.... (oh and I also get the chance to talk about it sunday, in sacrament... in Italian... yay/AH!) I think it is one of the hardest things when people say no to the Book of Mormon!! AHHHH!! It's like we are offering them a bank card with ulimited blessings attached and they say... No thanks, I'm good!! BAHAHAHAHAH! But it's okay, cuz we will keep trying! I am working on helping people see how the Book of Mormon can change their lives and give them answers... cuz it does!! AND there is a PROMISE that they can recieve the answer for themselves they just have to read and ask.... SOOOO simple and yet... Mannaggia!

Since I got the chance to read sooo much last week and finish it again, I can tell you that I KNOW that this book is True!! I have known since I was little! And the thing is, it is such a living book... in that EVERYTHING in it can be applied to us still! I am really trying to apply what I read to my life... President Wolfgramm is really good at this. At interviews he just brought to life Helaman 5 for us... He told us that like Nephi and Lehi were told to remember the names they had and do what those men did, we have to Remember the Name we wear and do what HE did! The Savior Jesus Christ! Then another example that I wrote to grandma harley is In 1 Nephi 16 Lehi recieves the Liahona... and the Lord leads them to the "Most Fertile" spots in the wilderness so that they could find food. The thing is Heavenly Father is trying everyday to lead us down the path that is most fertile with blessings... the key is WE have to follow his directions! OH I just love the Book of Mormon... read it... everyday! And try to apply what you read to your life, even the war chapters... not only is it what we are supposed to do, but it makes it much more fun! Read it... EVERYDAY! Cuz if you do... then you are set! You will have the spirit, you will be close to Heavenly Father and the Savior, and You will want to live what it tells you to!

yeah... my explosion of Love for the Book of Mormon! We are still searching for more people to share it with but I know there are people being prepared... We just gotta find them! Spirits are high and I love being a missionary!

Miss you all like crazy.... Not gonna lie I thought of making a music Video to Mo tab featuring just me when I was inside for a week... I planned it out, but It will be much better if I had you all in it!

I love you!!! Have a blissful week!


WE went and visited a castle with some of our members... it was really neat... and slla laratro and I even tried to knock that door... ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All you need is Love!‏


Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!!! Sound like you all had a fun valentines and Dad... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So sad I missed out on the kneaders cake... not gonna lie!

I dont have much time so I am just going to dive into the adventures of this week! Last friday my collega started getting sick... but she made it the whole day of appointments. Then saturday we made it to our first appointment but then had to go home. Sunday we made it to church (barely) and then went home. Then we have spent this week inside... yay! Goodness she basically has probably 1 step below pnemonia. She had this cough that I thought she was going to die on me every time she started coughing. The members were awesome and helped us so much getting medince and then tuesday night at 11pm taking us to the hospital to see a doctor... what an adventure! Don't worry things are looking up now... they gave her a Z-pack... golly I busted up laughing when they said that! I was like "well i could have told you 5 days ago she needed that|" But they just kept telling her to take cough syrup and herbal tea! The miracle with all this is that I have not gotten so much as a little cold! And I sleep next to her every night! I have been pumping the vitamins and herbal tea too! We all know this is a miracle because I get sick the easiest and then I'm a gonner! I am soooo grateful for that blessing! She is doing better today so we may be able to go out tommorrow! Thank the Heavens!

As a missionary down time is basically not fun. You worry about the work you should be doing. You worry about your investigators. You worry about all they people you aren't finding because you are inside. But the past few days inside have really been good for me. I had LOADS of time to think and study. And honestly I know that after this I have learned soooo much and recieved so many answers to prayers! Lets just say I am ready to hit the ground running... no fear... only faith...only love for all these people around me! Since I don't have too many adventures to share with you this week I want to share with you some of the things I learned.

First, our Zone leaders asked us to choose a Christlike attribute each week to work on. As I thought about it Monday I chose Faith because it is always what I need to work on... faith, not fear. But then I prayed about it and the answer came back Love. I needed to work on Love, Charity. And so I picked it. I then proceeded to study a lot about Love (perfect for Valentines day!) I started reading a talk by an old Rome mission president Hillary sent me. The 3rd paragraph states:

"One way we demonstrate our faith is through love. Conversely, if we do not demonstrate our love, we do not show our faith. Faith and love, therefore are inseparably connected!"

WHAT?? That was just perfect for me! There is a reason I Need to work on LOVE!! The scripture in John and Moroni came to mind "Perfect love casteth out all fear!"

Then yesterday we had a training\interviews. Guess what we talked about?? LOVE!!! WHat again!!! It was like inspiration just for me! There is a picture of Jesus sitting on a park bench talking to a young boy (Who looks remarkably like David Archuleta). Try and find it. We talked about this picture and how Christ has sooo much love for us. His relationship for us is soooo personal and there have been times in each of our lives that we have been in that boys position. The assistants then said that as missionaries we are called to sit in christs position. To love and see others as he does.

Can I just tell you that the spirit was so strong confirming to me the importance of Love. If we genuinely love those around us, most importantly our family, we must see them as Christ and Heavenly Father sees them. Look at them through His eyes. I know that as I start doing this I will have a greater desire to share the gospel with those around me because I will see there potential! I encourage you to think about this and start looking at each other through a different perspective! So much more to say but I have to go!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buon San Valentino!

First off... the trip to Oregon sounds unbelieveable... AHHH! I am soooo sad that I wasn't there... I was totally there in spirit believe me! I talked about Grandma to my companion and thought about you all all day! This is the month of Birthday's so I hope you are all having fun! AND I hope you have a really fun Valentines day... even if I shall not be there. It is quite neat that I am spending Valentines day in the Home of Romeo and Juliet... yep me and my collega are going to be each other's valentines. I told her that we will have to make pink pancakes in the shapes of hearts, and she is in accordance so yahoo!
Verona... is awesome. What can I say. I am falling in love with this place too. I will send pictures next week when I figure out the computers here in this place. We have been trying to bike, but is has been SNOWING HERE! Yep... and thus we freeze. SO we have turned to walking and buses. The other night we had to go home a little early and just do phone calls because we were literally popsicles. I can't immagine what Jess is like in lithuania! I remember Scottie talking about how the cold goes straight to your bones... HOW true that is! Don't worry, I resorted to buying some longsleeved shirts, where 4 layers of leggings/tights and then socks and then boots, 2 pairs of gloves and 2 sweaters under my coat. I look like a little snowman missionary. It's fun.
This week has been lots of finding. Sorella Laratro really has given me so much help in being more brave. She talked to me about how as a missionary you usually have 1 chance to talk to people. And with that one chance, you want them to know that you have a testimony that the gospel has been restored on the earth! You have to let everyone you meet know that! SO we are on a hunt for the elect and I have really trying to be better. And I know Heavenly Father is helping me. I honestly can say that the feelings of fear have been getting less and less! I am grateful for my companion for encouraging me and telling me I can do it. We really have so much fun together and are working hard.
Miracles of the week would have to be this... We had 4 investigators in church on Sunday!!! YES!! So one of our investigators is named Alice. SHe is beautiful and 22. SHe has a 10 month old baby with a man named Luca, but they don't live together. The Sorelle actually found Luca on the street and he took them to Alice. After a bit he lost interest, but we have still been teaching Alice. However, Last thursday we go to our Lesson with ALice and Luca was there!!! We taught about Faith in Christ! That night he sent us a message that said thanks for the lesson. THEN he and ALice were at church on SUNDAY!! Yahoo!
Also, Violetta came to church with her Mom. They stayed the entire time and she loved it! Plus Patrick her 3 year old son had a blast in Primary! Oh my goodness we were sooo blessed! I love these people so much already and KNOW the gospel can change their lives!
WE also have a new investigator named Mary. She is from Nigeria but has lived here for 5 years. We did the lesson in English/Italian and Slla Laratro did sooo good at bearing her testimony in English. Mary is beautiful and said that because of the trails in her life she quit going to church. But the Anziani met her on the bus and gave us her information! YAHOO again!
We have lots of new people that we are right at the being of helping them accept the gospel! And we are searching for more. WE have had lots of fun experiences doing casa (ringing at appartments and knocking every door in the apartment)!
I've been thinking a lot about prayer this week and had to give the spiritual thought in District meeting this week on prayer. We learned in the MTC that we don't fully understand the power of prayer. We use about 1% of the actual power. We really have been trying to get those we teach to ask specifically for a testimony of the gospel instead of just praying vaguely for help. I know that it is something I have realized I needed to change in my prayers to, to ask for specific things. In preach my gospel it tells us to pray everymorning for the spirit and for the ability to be able to talk to others- yep perfect. It also tells us to listen to the spirit to know what to pray for. Man... I just have the HUGEST testimony of prayer. It is real... Heavenly father listens to us!!! He will listen to all of our prayers, I know this because he is listening to mine. Thanks for all of your prayers for me! I need them and I want you to know that I am praying for you!
I love you all soo much! Have a fun week and a really happy Valentines day!
con amore,
Slla Kate

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where art thou... Investigators???

Ciao tutti! I hope I can still remember english... just kidding! But I have now reach almost my first week of being here in Verona. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously like I am walking, ACTUALLY RIDING, in a movie everyday! Yes, It is a bike city! SO I have been biking like no other.... I think I might need Dad to send me a gel seat cover... he he! It is really fun to ride bikes, the only down sides are that I am the hungriest thing ALL the time, and It is FREEZING HERE! They say that this week it is going to drop to -10... bahaha! We have to do a little shopping for me... hats, leggings, etc. Thank goodness that grandma and sister scherer sent me gloves! It certainly is NOT like Genova where we just needed a light Jacket, and on the bikes... even freezing-er. It's really different here in Verona. We do lots of knocking doors because there isn't alot of people out on the street. Oh! My comp... Sorella Laratro!! She is AWESOME! From Southern Italy, and thus we speak only Italian ;) and 26. I am really happy because I know I will learn sooo much this transfer. She is fearless too... thus perfect for me. I'm already starting to notice the fear of talking to people going away! We have lots of fun together, laughing at my mistakes in Italian and Her English... I am trying to teach her english... It is the darlingest thing!
THere is lots of work to do here in Verona. The ward is small, mostly because there are LOTS of inactives. We really want to work with the members to strengthen this ward. I think thats part of the reason we are here. We also have lots of finding work to do, do to the fact that we have about 2 investigators. BUT they are amazing and miracles... and we know that this means it is time for the Lord to work more miracles! I am really excited. Yesterday we had a beautiful lesson with a woman named Violetta. She is from Albania originally, but has lived here for a really long time. She has a son who is 3 and her husband died while she was pregnant with him. The first time we met her we talked about the plan of Salvation, then Yesterday the Restoration. THe spirit was soooo strong as we promised her that through this gospel she would be with her husband again. And that we know there is a reason we got sent to her. It was AMAZING!! I love her already!
Now I want to write a few things about last week. We had our conference with Anziano Causee of the 70. IT WAS AMAZING!! It definately changed my mission. It litterally was one of the few times in my life where I know that the spirit was taking his words and transforming them into the exact revelation I need for me. I PROMISE it was litterally as if he wrote his entire presentation for me... Sorella Nilson. He talked about having Faith, Not Fear. He told us that the Elect will here our voices and respond to the spirit. If someone rejects us, it is the Gospel they are rejecting. Just like if someone accepts us, it is the Gospel they are accepting. We are merely the tools to carry this message. So thus we don't need to fear. He told us to apply the atonement in our lives. He talked to us about how the atonement isn't just for sinners to become clean. It is for the good to become better. Through the atonement your weaknesses can be made strong. He told us that Heavenly Father only works through miracles. And thus you have weaknesses so that through those weaknesses he can work miracles and turn them to strengths. AND SOO MUCH MORE! All in all it was just Amazing.
Then as we went back to Genova our entire week was full of sooo many miracles. We went last saturday with Liz to a Baptism, which she asked her mom if she could come and she said no. THen after praying and having a lesson with us, she got a text saying she could go. THe baptism was beautiful... Literally amazing sooo spiritual. And as we left we asked LIz how she felt... she said, "Every single doubt that I had is gone. I know this is true. I got my answer. You told me that everyone got there answers at different times and This was my time. I know this is true! I can't wait for my baptism!!" Miracle number 2 with Liz... She finally got the courage to ask her mom and she said yes!!! AHHHH!!!! Can I just tell you that my heart was about to explode!
THen I got transfered... AHHH! My heart litterally broke. I didn't ever imagine that It would be so hard to leave Genova and those amazing members and people I met. It was sooo hard! BUT I know I am supposed to be here in Verona now and that the Lord has something for me to do here! I LOVE being a Missionary!
Have the best week fam... Know I am praying lots! I love you all and have fun!
Slla NIlson