Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where art thou... Investigators???

Ciao tutti! I hope I can still remember english... just kidding! But I have now reach almost my first week of being here in Verona. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously like I am walking, ACTUALLY RIDING, in a movie everyday! Yes, It is a bike city! SO I have been biking like no other.... I think I might need Dad to send me a gel seat cover... he he! It is really fun to ride bikes, the only down sides are that I am the hungriest thing ALL the time, and It is FREEZING HERE! They say that this week it is going to drop to -10... bahaha! We have to do a little shopping for me... hats, leggings, etc. Thank goodness that grandma and sister scherer sent me gloves! It certainly is NOT like Genova where we just needed a light Jacket, and on the bikes... even freezing-er. It's really different here in Verona. We do lots of knocking doors because there isn't alot of people out on the street. Oh! My comp... Sorella Laratro!! She is AWESOME! From Southern Italy, and thus we speak only Italian ;) and 26. I am really happy because I know I will learn sooo much this transfer. She is fearless too... thus perfect for me. I'm already starting to notice the fear of talking to people going away! We have lots of fun together, laughing at my mistakes in Italian and Her English... I am trying to teach her english... It is the darlingest thing!
THere is lots of work to do here in Verona. The ward is small, mostly because there are LOTS of inactives. We really want to work with the members to strengthen this ward. I think thats part of the reason we are here. We also have lots of finding work to do, do to the fact that we have about 2 investigators. BUT they are amazing and miracles... and we know that this means it is time for the Lord to work more miracles! I am really excited. Yesterday we had a beautiful lesson with a woman named Violetta. She is from Albania originally, but has lived here for a really long time. She has a son who is 3 and her husband died while she was pregnant with him. The first time we met her we talked about the plan of Salvation, then Yesterday the Restoration. THe spirit was soooo strong as we promised her that through this gospel she would be with her husband again. And that we know there is a reason we got sent to her. It was AMAZING!! I love her already!
Now I want to write a few things about last week. We had our conference with Anziano Causee of the 70. IT WAS AMAZING!! It definately changed my mission. It litterally was one of the few times in my life where I know that the spirit was taking his words and transforming them into the exact revelation I need for me. I PROMISE it was litterally as if he wrote his entire presentation for me... Sorella Nilson. He talked about having Faith, Not Fear. He told us that the Elect will here our voices and respond to the spirit. If someone rejects us, it is the Gospel they are rejecting. Just like if someone accepts us, it is the Gospel they are accepting. We are merely the tools to carry this message. So thus we don't need to fear. He told us to apply the atonement in our lives. He talked to us about how the atonement isn't just for sinners to become clean. It is for the good to become better. Through the atonement your weaknesses can be made strong. He told us that Heavenly Father only works through miracles. And thus you have weaknesses so that through those weaknesses he can work miracles and turn them to strengths. AND SOO MUCH MORE! All in all it was just Amazing.
Then as we went back to Genova our entire week was full of sooo many miracles. We went last saturday with Liz to a Baptism, which she asked her mom if she could come and she said no. THen after praying and having a lesson with us, she got a text saying she could go. THe baptism was beautiful... Literally amazing sooo spiritual. And as we left we asked LIz how she felt... she said, "Every single doubt that I had is gone. I know this is true. I got my answer. You told me that everyone got there answers at different times and This was my time. I know this is true! I can't wait for my baptism!!" Miracle number 2 with Liz... She finally got the courage to ask her mom and she said yes!!! AHHHH!!!! Can I just tell you that my heart was about to explode!
THen I got transfered... AHHH! My heart litterally broke. I didn't ever imagine that It would be so hard to leave Genova and those amazing members and people I met. It was sooo hard! BUT I know I am supposed to be here in Verona now and that the Lord has something for me to do here! I LOVE being a Missionary!
Have the best week fam... Know I am praying lots! I love you all and have fun!
Slla NIlson

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