Thursday, February 16, 2012

All you need is Love!‏


Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!!! Sound like you all had a fun valentines and Dad... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So sad I missed out on the kneaders cake... not gonna lie!

I dont have much time so I am just going to dive into the adventures of this week! Last friday my collega started getting sick... but she made it the whole day of appointments. Then saturday we made it to our first appointment but then had to go home. Sunday we made it to church (barely) and then went home. Then we have spent this week inside... yay! Goodness she basically has probably 1 step below pnemonia. She had this cough that I thought she was going to die on me every time she started coughing. The members were awesome and helped us so much getting medince and then tuesday night at 11pm taking us to the hospital to see a doctor... what an adventure! Don't worry things are looking up now... they gave her a Z-pack... golly I busted up laughing when they said that! I was like "well i could have told you 5 days ago she needed that|" But they just kept telling her to take cough syrup and herbal tea! The miracle with all this is that I have not gotten so much as a little cold! And I sleep next to her every night! I have been pumping the vitamins and herbal tea too! We all know this is a miracle because I get sick the easiest and then I'm a gonner! I am soooo grateful for that blessing! She is doing better today so we may be able to go out tommorrow! Thank the Heavens!

As a missionary down time is basically not fun. You worry about the work you should be doing. You worry about your investigators. You worry about all they people you aren't finding because you are inside. But the past few days inside have really been good for me. I had LOADS of time to think and study. And honestly I know that after this I have learned soooo much and recieved so many answers to prayers! Lets just say I am ready to hit the ground running... no fear... only faith...only love for all these people around me! Since I don't have too many adventures to share with you this week I want to share with you some of the things I learned.

First, our Zone leaders asked us to choose a Christlike attribute each week to work on. As I thought about it Monday I chose Faith because it is always what I need to work on... faith, not fear. But then I prayed about it and the answer came back Love. I needed to work on Love, Charity. And so I picked it. I then proceeded to study a lot about Love (perfect for Valentines day!) I started reading a talk by an old Rome mission president Hillary sent me. The 3rd paragraph states:

"One way we demonstrate our faith is through love. Conversely, if we do not demonstrate our love, we do not show our faith. Faith and love, therefore are inseparably connected!"

WHAT?? That was just perfect for me! There is a reason I Need to work on LOVE!! The scripture in John and Moroni came to mind "Perfect love casteth out all fear!"

Then yesterday we had a training\interviews. Guess what we talked about?? LOVE!!! WHat again!!! It was like inspiration just for me! There is a picture of Jesus sitting on a park bench talking to a young boy (Who looks remarkably like David Archuleta). Try and find it. We talked about this picture and how Christ has sooo much love for us. His relationship for us is soooo personal and there have been times in each of our lives that we have been in that boys position. The assistants then said that as missionaries we are called to sit in christs position. To love and see others as he does.

Can I just tell you that the spirit was so strong confirming to me the importance of Love. If we genuinely love those around us, most importantly our family, we must see them as Christ and Heavenly Father sees them. Look at them through His eyes. I know that as I start doing this I will have a greater desire to share the gospel with those around me because I will see there potential! I encourage you to think about this and start looking at each other through a different perspective! So much more to say but I have to go!!


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