Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Famiglia!! Ciao tutti!

I hope you all are doing good! I know that it is a busy time for BIRTHDAYS!!! How is it possible that Sabrines and Ems are sooooo old.... It must mean that I am a grandma ;) I hope you guys have sooooo much fun! Know I love you and will be thinking about you TONS!!

Well since I wrote you last week things went like this... for the rest of the week we were inside. Yep in the house, Slla Laratro terribly sick, me reading, studying, writing, studying, reading again, studying again.... Yep fun! But don't worry I am not complaining, I had lots more time to grow, make new goals, and grow somemore! Man, I must give a shout out to you mom, cuz taking care of one sick little missionary was enough to make me pooped! I felt so bad cuz there wasn't really anything I could do but make sure she had her medicine, make her herbal tea, and pray she felt better! But horrah!! She is better!!!! And the thing is even though we weren't able to go out until Sunday we still saw miracles!

So with that week of not working we were a bit disappointed because we had set up an appointment with a woman the anziani found named Daniella 3 times and had to cancel it. But saturday, Slla Laratro called her and cancelled our appointment once more, but invited her to church. She bore her testimony and told her that she would do everything in her power to be there, so we wanted to see her (Daniella) there too. Sunday morning, even though Slla Laratro was still not feeling good, we went to church. About 10 minutes into sacrament meeting in walks... Daniella!!! She stayed for the entire time! YAHOO!!! Monday we were able to finally leave the house! It was wonderful! We litterally talked to EVERYONE we met because we have a lot of making up to do! We were able to go and teach Daniella again too! She is wonderful and truly searching, She is really humble too and sensitive to the spirit! It was a miracle that although we weren't able to teach this past week, Heavenly Father blessed us with a new Investigator! We are still working with Alice and Violetta, but with a week of not visiting them.... ahhhh! But I know that Heavenly Father will take care of things and it will work out in the end!

The past 2 days we have really been contacting! We have made it a focus to talk about the Book of Mormon to EVERYONE! It is basically the first thing we say after Ciao is Have you seen this book?? It's been neat to get to bear my testimony so many times about how that book has changed my life.... (oh and I also get the chance to talk about it sunday, in sacrament... in Italian... yay/AH!) I think it is one of the hardest things when people say no to the Book of Mormon!! AHHHH!! It's like we are offering them a bank card with ulimited blessings attached and they say... No thanks, I'm good!! BAHAHAHAHAH! But it's okay, cuz we will keep trying! I am working on helping people see how the Book of Mormon can change their lives and give them answers... cuz it does!! AND there is a PROMISE that they can recieve the answer for themselves they just have to read and ask.... SOOOO simple and yet... Mannaggia!

Since I got the chance to read sooo much last week and finish it again, I can tell you that I KNOW that this book is True!! I have known since I was little! And the thing is, it is such a living book... in that EVERYTHING in it can be applied to us still! I am really trying to apply what I read to my life... President Wolfgramm is really good at this. At interviews he just brought to life Helaman 5 for us... He told us that like Nephi and Lehi were told to remember the names they had and do what those men did, we have to Remember the Name we wear and do what HE did! The Savior Jesus Christ! Then another example that I wrote to grandma harley is In 1 Nephi 16 Lehi recieves the Liahona... and the Lord leads them to the "Most Fertile" spots in the wilderness so that they could find food. The thing is Heavenly Father is trying everyday to lead us down the path that is most fertile with blessings... the key is WE have to follow his directions! OH I just love the Book of Mormon... read it... everyday! And try to apply what you read to your life, even the war chapters... not only is it what we are supposed to do, but it makes it much more fun! Read it... EVERYDAY! Cuz if you do... then you are set! You will have the spirit, you will be close to Heavenly Father and the Savior, and You will want to live what it tells you to!

yeah... my explosion of Love for the Book of Mormon! We are still searching for more people to share it with but I know there are people being prepared... We just gotta find them! Spirits are high and I love being a missionary!

Miss you all like crazy.... Not gonna lie I thought of making a music Video to Mo tab featuring just me when I was inside for a week... I planned it out, but It will be much better if I had you all in it!

I love you!!! Have a blissful week!


WE went and visited a castle with some of our members... it was really neat... and slla laratro and I even tried to knock that door... ;)

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