Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Due Settimane Piu'

Ciao Famiglia,
Can you believe it?? I only have 2 more weeks left in the MTC!! Actually 1 week and 6 days to be exact... but who's counting! We are all getting so excited to head out to Italy... but the MTC is awesome, really it is! With this new program you seriously le
arn so much every single day especially about how to be better teachers! I will probably be getting my travel plans this week so then I will be able to tell ya the time of my flights and such!
Well this week was just fabulous as usual! I love it here, I love teaching, I love speaking italian, I love being a missionary! We got a new "investigator" this week named Kristina. We found her while we were knocking on doors and she has been really receptive to reading the Libro di Mormon. We are still teaching Roberto... alas... we found out he was a criminal in his past life! So we had to postpone his baptism, and he is meeting with the mission president! Then hopefully when we see him tomorrow we will have the heads up from the Mission President and will be able to reschedule his baptism!
We got the new italians this week! 7 Sorelle and 3 Anziani! It was crazy! Now we have basically equal numbers of elders and sisters! They are all really great, and we have a ton of fun with the new sisters! Only Sorella Soh is going to Milan, and the others to Rome, but it is fine... we will all stay friends!!
Alright... for the spiritual thought of the week. Hope it makes sense, I'm typing like crazy!. I have been thinking alot about prayer this wee
k. It is so important that our investigators pray, because once they start to pray, their relationship with Heavenly Father becomes personal and they will get answers! I have been thinking alot about how to make my prayers better too.... On saturday, our districts paired up and we taught each other. Since the other district has one less person than us, 2 of us sorelle had to be together. I was going to be the lone sister, but then Sorella oakes wanted to be so Sorella Camp and I got paired up together to teach Anziano Droghei. Guess what the topic was, Prayer. We taught our lesson, and then Switched. Anziano Droghei began teaching us... it was amazing! He shared so many wonderful insights beginning with praying to know what to study, and about how prayer can help you in every aspect of missionary work! When I asked him my question about making my prayers better, he told us to just do our very best to have a good relationship with Heavenly Father. Then he turned to D&C 84:88 and read "my spirit shall be in your hearts" He told us that in the end, if we are doing what we can to have the spirit in our hearts, Heavenly Father will know what is our hearts, he always does. And thus even if you don't pray as well as you want to, if you do your best, he sees the desires of your hearts. he knows where your Heart is and if it is filled with his spirit, he will bless you! It was amazing and was exactly what I needed to hear. Then Sorella Camp also had a question, and he was able to answer it for her in a way th
at I sure couldn't! As we talked about the e
xperience after, we knew that It was not a coincidence that we were paired up to be taught by Anziano Droghei. From this experience, I had it reconfirmed to me that our Heavenly Father is SO aware of us! He knows our needs, he knows our desires, and he knows what is best for us! If we just trust him... and do everything in our power to do our best, he will make things work out perfectly. Will there be trials and tough times, absolutely, but he knows us, HE KNOWS US! and he will helps us, and in the end, "all things shall work together for our good."
I know that I am supposed to be here right now, going to Italy, with my companions and my District! Remember that time I was thinking about moving my date up, but it just never seemed right? Mom thanks for telling me that I got called to go in July for a reason. IT IS SO TRUE! I know Heavenly Father knew I was supposed to be here now! I am so grateful for my amazing companions... I learn from them everyday! I am so grateful for the Amazing Elders in my District and Zone... I am tell you that they are amazing! I learn from them everyday... Dad, you should rest assured that I am surrounded by excellent Elders that want to Share the Gospel!! You can just tell the difference! They all have the strongest testimonies.... Seriously! Last night after the devotional we always have a review of the devotional. As we sat together, Us 11 Italians, I think I learned more than I got from the devotional! They are just so awesome and have the strongest testimonies... so a big shout out to Sorella Camp, Sorella Oakes, Anziano Ginolfi, Skanchy, Vigneri, Stewart, Roisum, Droghei, Nelson
, and DeVincent if they ever read this in 2 years! :)! They are incredible Missionaries! Thanks to their families and parents for raising such excellent missionaries!
Well... If you can't tell... I'm just know that this gospel is so true! Heavenly
father loves and is aware of all of his children! And that is why it is so important that we share this knowledge with those who don't know! We have learned here that we really aren't the ones who change peoples lives... the spirit does that, but Heavenly Father needs us as the instruments to take the spirit unto them, and then it is up to them to accept it! My love for this work grows more and more each day!
I love you all! Thank you for the packages and letters! Jonzee... thank you for the Football updates... I hereby put you in charge of continuing to send them :) we see the stadium lights from our room... gasp! So glad to know you are all having fun! I love you my siblings and mom and dad! Thank you for your letters... they help keep me going! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves you and that if you ever need anything... Just ask him!
Ciao for Now,
Your Sorella Nilson

Here are some Pics of Kates and Seth (Our dear cousin) before he left for the Philippines!

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