Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white, red, and green Christmas... in...‏

GENOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family... I am staying here in Genova!!!! Transfers are tomorrow and President called us yesterday and told me and Slla Bowman that we are staying together for one more transfer in this Blessed city that is Genova! I cannot even express to you how excited I am! PRAY WORKS! We have been praying so hard we could stay here! We are suuuupppper excited! In fact when I heard the news I proceeded to do a Newsie jump/fist pump right in the street and then a little jig! It is so wonderful to get to stay here for christmas, with our wonderful members and investigators! We get to be in the Christmas program too so we are really happy!
This week was crazy! Thursday we went to Milan for Zone leader training. THey have it every month and each time invite a coppia (companionship) of sisters to go. Slla Bowman and I got invited to go this time. It was really fun! We learned a lot and even helped set the new standards of Excellence for next year. We spoke for a bit on Member/missionary relationships and how to more effectively use members. I have certainly learned how important it is to be a member missionary.... It makes missionary work sooo much greater when you have members that find, help teach, and support your investigators! It is wonderful that we have such a splendid ward, so we have great support!
Well as a result of that conference we missed out on a day of work. Friday and Saturday were a bit slow so when we got to Sunday our lesson count for the week was tragically low. But Sunday we went to Stake Conference! It was really great and I actually got to help be a translator for members who only spoke english! PLUS... I saw Silvana!! She was the woman that I taught in the MTC with her Husband Ivo... What are the chances?? She lives in Savona which is in our stake. Anziano Healey and Anderson told her I would be there and guess what... she brought me a Christmas present! She is the sweetest thing and it was just a little miracle to see her!
Well after the conference we took the train home. A couple of our lessons cancelled, so I was really bummed. Our numbers were soooo low. I was also thinking (darn that Satan) how is anyone ever going to know that we are different from the other people they meet on the street? There are sooo many Jehovah Witnesses, and Evangelists here that people just get sick of being stopped! Well those were the thoughts in my head as we headed to our last appointment Sunday Night. It was with that miracle family that we found on the bus that I talked about last week. As We walked into their home and the spirit was just so strong! We sat their at taught this family, Mom, Dad, Angie 17, Giosue 12, and Maria Danielle 7.... IT WAS AMAZING!! They talked about how important family is to them and that 5 years ago they were experiencing a really hard time but they know that it was God that got them through it! Their kids bore such powerful testimonies of family and God... Seriously, you just don't find 17 and 12 year olds that care so much about their family. We testified about the importance of families, and That we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to return to him. This family is SO elect! They are already living their lives in such a way that they are SO close to the Lord, and the gospel will just bring them closer! As Sonja, the mom, Said the closing prayer, She thanked Heavenly Father for bringing the "Little sisters" to her family and that she felt something and that she knew what we were saying was true! We have another lesson this weekend with them!
Now, I don't know exactly what the Lord has in store for the Yepez family- But what I do know is that I left that home on top of the world. It was like someone shouted in my Head... "THEY WILL KNOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT!!!!" I just sat there in awe... THis is the LORD'S WORK!! I know it! As missionaries you are weak at times, but the thing is the Lords work will go forth, and he will do it his way! That feeling is the most amazing thing ever! It just makes me know without a doubt that being a missionary is the greatest and that this gospel is true!
I know that if I live worthy, if we all live worthy of the spirit, we can influence those around us. They may not know what it is, but they will feel that there is a difference!
I hope you all are having so much fun getting ready for Christmas. Hang in there Jos... Finals will be over soon! Jake, Sabrina, and Ems... I hope school is going good! I am sure you are excited for the break! Have so much fun with everything! Cherish every moment!
Love you times a million,
Slla Kate

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