Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!‏

Ciao Carissima Famiglia mia!!
How are you all doing! Sounds like things were quite exciting last week! So glad to hear that the play went good! AND woot woot to all you runners... so proud! Cant believe it! Let's make that a tradition... we are doing it when I get back! I am glad you all had a lot of fun together!
Well this past week has been a whirlwird of craziness and sooo much fun! I will start with Thursday... 0 for thanksgiving here! It was a bit sad, only because we missed what we knew was going on at home! But we were lucky enought to have a lunch appoinment so we got a big meal in ;) And dont worry that thursday night when we got home I made Grandma's fruit salad, my favorite one... I just couldnt go a year without it! We had fun.
Friday and Saturday were days of pure bliss! Amid all our other missionary work we had Lesson with the Herrera Family on Friday. We got permission to have the Anziani come too for a lunch appointment. We ate some lovely equadorian food... lots of meat and fish! Then we taught our lesson. It was on telling the truth. To demonstrate this we decided to play a lovely game of chubby bunnies. Each time you put a marshmallow in your mouth you have to say "Chubby bunnies" for those who are not informed on how this game functions, and as you get more and more marshmallows in your mouth, it gets harder and harder to say. This represented that each time you lie, it gets harder and harder to tell the truth. I will just say that I dont think i have LAUGHED this hard since i have been on my mission... TEARS! To hear them try to say "Chubby bunnies" in the first place with their accents... is enough to make you die laughing! It got down to anziano pitt and anziano Romeo, the rest of us had already spit them out. Anziano Pitt tried to put one more in his mouth, but he was laughing so hard he just exploded.... MARSHMALLOWS EVERYWHERE!!! Primarily all over Slla Bomans face... We DIED!!! It was so fun. I have ginormous amounts of Love for the Family!
Then Saturday, we had a Birthday party to go to for Daniel Salazar. He got out of the Hospital and is doing fantastic so they celebrated his birthday! It was sooo fun! We ate delicious food, cake, sang and the kids played games... Copious amounts of love for this family too! Plus they are all going to the temple this weekend! They joined the church just 7 months ago so it is just for Baptisms, but they are SOOO excited and Christian the dad gets the Mel. Preisthood soon! They are sooo excited! It is amazing to see how the gospel has completely changed these families lives!
We also had some amazing miracles this week. First, Nelly. Nelly ran into the anziani at the market and asked to meet with the sorelle... Come to find out, she had been taught 4 years ago in La Spezia by sorelle! We met her on Firday and Taught her. She told us why she has always had a connection to our church... Years ago in Ecquador when her son was just a baby, 2 Elders would always come to their family store to get a drink and play with her son. They would come by a lot. One day they came by but Nelly and her son weren't there. They asked where they were and the Grandpa (who was running the store) said Nelly was in the Hospital because her son had been poisioned by something he ate and was in a coma. The elders asked for the address and went to the HOspital right away. They gave him a blessing. The next day, he was better. WHAT???? She said that experience has always remained with her! We started teaching her right away about how we have the priesthood! Then we had a lesson with her today because it was they only day we could meet her. Today at our lesson her friend was there, Tatiana. Nelly told us that Tatiana wanted to listen too. We taught about the Restoration. Tatiana had sooo many questions and just wanted to know where she could find the truth. We had the ANSWER!! THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! We bore our testimonies she could find it here! At the end I asked if either of them had any questions... Tatiana said, "Just one,... When are you coming back?" AH! We were soooo excited! It is amazing how Heavenly Father puts things into place for you to meet those who are searching! Seriously, this work is one miracle after another. If there is ever a day that doesent go how we wanted it to or we are feeling just a bit overwelmed, we just stop and think about all the Miracles Heavenly Father puts in your path... He is soooo AWARE OF HIS CHILDREN!!! I KNOW THIS!!!
I dont know if you all remember, but we have a woman named Kerly that I talked about a while ago. She was supposed to be baptized in November, but wasnt feeling ready, but dont worry, she prayed and decided to be baptized Dec. 18th! We are soooo excited! The sad part is it is after transfers, so we realllly hope we stay here!
I love being a MIssionary!! I can't believe it is already time for chirstmas! Genova is all decked out... Lights everywhere and a huge Christmas tree in the piazza! I will send pics next week!
I want you to all know I love you sooooo much! Thanks for your letters and your continued support! It is sooooo appreciated!
Have the best week ever!
Slla Kates
P.S: EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ ELDER HOLLANDS PREISTHOOD TALK... I loved it ;) we finally got our Liahonas! Conference in English! Hallelujah!

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