Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh what joy it is to ride on a packed bus in Genova!‏

Carissima Famiglia mia,
Hows everything going!? How is it possible that it is December 7th... I do not know! Are you all ready? Christmas letters written? what are you all asking for... I want to hear! I am glad the play is going good! Work it Jos! Don't worry that I just made up my own version of Jinglebells, and like to burst out singing Christmas Carols.. "how much are you gonna give me joe,..." I'm keeping the Christmas spirit Alive here!
Well this week was packed full of fun and miracles... very prudent considering it is Christmas time! first Miracle happened Thursday. we had a lesson with Liz... you may remember she is 16. We had an awesome lesson about the gospel... The spirit was so strong and she understood everything. And so I was feeling it and asked her to be baptized... she said YES! And I told her that we wanted her to pick the date and that she could pray about it. We started talking about how we new this was the right decision and that she would see so many blessings and about a minute later she interrupts and says "january 15th... I want to be baptized January 15th" We died!! We are sooo excited! I just hope I get to stay another transfer to see her get baptized! She is one awesome little girl! The trouble right now is going to be getting permission from her mom, but we are going to pray really hard!
Thursday night we left and did a blitz exchange in TORINO! We were there all day friday, I know that is one of the cities Scottie Served in. It was really fun and I learned a lot. I worked with Slla Walton (who used to be neighbors with The bunkers) and got to see Slla Soh from the MTC again... SO fun. I learned a lot because we did a lot of finding and it really helped me open my mouth and just talk to people... Definately can't share the gospel with a closed mouth... something I am learning and working hard on!
On Saturday we saw lots of miracle! We helped at a Wedding in Genova 2. The Sorelle we live with had 2 investigators get married so they can get baptized next week! it was awesome to see! Then the family invited us to eat... yum... but really strange to be at a reception as a missionary! They are from south America so there was lots of music and dancing... pretty awesome! well we then had some appointments so we headed to our lessons.... we first had to stop by the church. As we got there a woman was looking in the window.. She asked if she could come in and see our church! We of course said yes and Slla Bowman and I ended up teaching her a lesson! She wasnt interested, but still... Awesome! Then We were on the bus and this woman sat down by Slla Bowman. We started talking to her and ended teaching her and getting her number! Wonderful! Then we went to our appointment. Afterwards, I just felt like we should do this Palazzo near our member. We did the whole thing, knocked on every door and had zero success! BLISS!! BUT do not fear... everything happens for a reason! We went to get on the bus and ended up getting on the wrong one. However there happened to be a family on there... just us an a family... what... the buses are NEVER empty in Genova! Then We got off to get on the right bus, and so did the Family... we knew we had to talk to them! so slla bowman started talking to the mom... turns out she could only speak spanish! BUT... Slla boman starts talking to her in spanish! Miracle! She studied spanish in High School and just pulled it out of nowhere! In her broken spanish she was able to convey that we have an important message. When we got off the bus she had us meet her family, her husband and kids speak Italian so we were able to tell them about our message. Then we got their number and will meet with them Sunday! miracles!
The Work is going just lovely! I love being a missionary and just giving People hope! So many people walk around without any hope... and that is everything that the GOSPEL is! HOPE for a brighter future, better life, and an eternity of blessings! It is a great message to share especially at this time of year!
I love you all so much! have fun at the Christmas carol... catch a gold coin for me! God bless us...everyone!
Love you,
Slla Nilson
P.S. Claudia update: She went to the temple this weekend and did baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had the greatest experience and is doing soooooooooooo good! YAY!

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