Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And a Happy New Year...‏

Auguri my Family!

Oh my goodness... Christmas was the best thing ever!!! Seeing and Talking to you all was sooooo wonderful! I just wish the time hadn't flown by so quickly! And thank you times a million for the presents, the blanket, book, gloves and socks from Grandma! All of it! We had such a wonderful Christmas!
Christmas eve we spent with the Salazars... I LOVE THAT FAMILY con tutto il mio cuore! They fed us uber amounts of food, we made Tirimisu and then we watched a slide show they made for us of all the pictures with missionaries since their baptism. It was the best... and they gave me leg warmers... could things get any better... I submit not! They have so little and they give EVERYTHING to the missionaries... I love that family!
Then we went for the adventure of Midnight Mass... It was... Educational.... Interesting to learn what christmas mass is like. However, I think I shall stick to family nativities, scroll stories, and the Christmas Song for my christmas eve traditions!
Christmas, just as wonderful! We went to church after making a delicious breakfast of french toast (complete with maple syrup, home made) and Then ate the HUGE fillippino lunch I told you about... pictures are included! Then I got to SEE ALL OF YOU!! Best part! We spent the rest of the night opening our presents and got to watch Narnia! Yahoo!
Everyday we are seeing miracles! Here is one from the week: We had a lunch appointment with a Cate our south African friend on Monday. She invited one of her friends, Jakie, who is south african... and perhaps the funniest person alive and who is not a member. We had a good lunch and then had a lesson. We were together with the Anziani and they shared a story about Christ, then bore their testimonies about how he can help you with anything. Anziano Mina asked if she could have anything, what could Christ give her? She said happiness, because if your happy then everything is good. But then asked, But how can you be happy all the time? The next 30 minutes were filled with spirit lead teaching from all 4 of us missionaries. We talked about the book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and that through Prayer, she can find the happiness she is looking for in her life. At one point, she asked Anziano Mina how he knew God loved him... Anziano Mina with determination bore a powerful testimony of his conversion story, in ENGLISH! The spirit was so strong and she felt it. We didn't have copy of the Book of Mormon in English, but she said she wanted one and we planned to meet with her again. It was truly a miracle that this member invited her friend to this lunch and that the spirit was there with us! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
Also, I didn't Write about Kerly's Baptism... BUT IT WAS WONDERFUL!! On sunday she got confirmed and seriously she looked so good! She just looks happier!!! That is definately what the Gospel does for you! It has completely Changed this woman's life! I love her so much and It was amazing to be part of bringing her to the Gospel! Why am I so blessed??!!!
I love you all! Have so much fun this new years! Don't worry I shall be safe due to the fact we are not allowed to leave the apartment the 31st at all... we get to clean! Yahoo!
Miss you oodles and BUON ANNO!
P.S. Have fun at Scotts wedding! AUGURI!

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