Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From China to Ecuador, and I'm in Italy!‏

Hey fam...
How ya all doing?? Jos bos and Jake... dont even think about having too much fun without me! Make sure you take an extra jump on the big piano and eat a mcflurry for me! Also you should try to go to the temple there! Jake its sooo cool! Sabrines... Ems... how you doing? You both have letters on the way. Did you start school again? Hope you're having fun!
This week, as usual, was filled with lots of miracles! I love doing missionary work because your life is just full of suprises! Last week when I went to get my permesso I met a girl on the bus from China, Nikki. We talked the whole time because she just happened to be getting her permesso at the same time... fate... I think NOT! Well we got her number and called her but she couldn't meet with us. BUT Sunday we got a call from her and she asked to meet with us! YAHOO! I was sooo happy! We had an incredible lesson with her on Monday,and all in English because she is better at English than Italian! I was excited for the chance to teach in English! Nikki is from China and thus all her family is Buddist... But she doesn't believe it. She knew hardly anything about Christ other than hearing his name in History class. MY MIND WAS BLOWN! Here was this beautiful 26 year old girl who didn't even know she had a Heavenly Father, that she Had a savior, and that they had a plan for her!!! We very simply walked her through the plan of Salvation. She was like an empty slate that we just FILLED with info. The thing is she is sooo smart and took it all in! She asked the most amazing questions... I was literally in Heaven! (Which she was happy to hear actually exists!) The whole experience made me soooooo GRATEFUL for the gospel! I am soooo lucky to have grown up in a home with the gospel and with the Knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and that I can pray to him whenever I need help. At the end of the lesson I said the prayer... when I was done, she turned to me and said... "that is the first prayer I have ever heard... I feel peace..." AH! I just could not stop smiling! We gave her the Book of Mormon in Chinese and English and she was really excited! As I thought about it on the way home I just thought of the Billions of people who don't reject Christ, they don't even KNOW HIM!!! WE NEED MORE MISSIONARIES!!! How thankful I am for my Savior and I know how important it is we stay close to him!
Another Miracle happened yesterday... We were inside in the morning because my companion wasn't feeling good, I was a little worried since we lost some finding time. But we set out to have a lesson with a referal the Anziani gave us. Her name is Cicilia and she is from Ecquador. When we got to her house, she asked if it would be alright if her husband could listen too. Of course we said yes. And in walks this Jolly, large, Italian man with little round glasses... I about wet my pants! Uncle Vernon from HP in the flesh! We proceeded to have an amazing first lesson and they were filled with about 1,000 questions. They asked us if they could come to church on sunday, and when we would be coming back!!!!!!!! We set a return appointment, and thus... 2 new investigators. Then we were on the bus heading home at the end of the day and got a call from one of our investigators who we haven't been able to see for a while. But it hung up immediately, so thinking it was a squillo, we called her back. She said she didn't mean to call us she was just giving our number to her friend who wants to meet with us! WHAT? we were soo excited and got her information instead to call her! It just really helped me see that we do our best and Heavenly Father will take care of us! What a miracle to have new investigators and a referal all in one night! We are soooo BLESSED!
I love being a missionary soooo much! We had soo much fun New years... It was like Genova was getting bombed... People shoot off illegal fireworks from their windows or throw fireworks into the streets! It was like Fred and George Weasley at their best (Wow two hp allusions in one email... Jake you better appreciate!) IT was the craziest thing! We didn't sleep at all due to the fact that it was happening allll night long! YEAH!
Happy NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Have a wonderful week and start of 2012 right! Love you with all my heart!
Slla Kates

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