Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Godfather???‏


Sounds like you are all living the dream! Jos and Jake.... what??? I loved the pics! And sooo happy you saw radio city! ;)

This week was proprio crazy... I don't even know how to describe it! Full of miracles and teaching! I talked about Mauro and Cicilia in my last letter home... We have had 2 more lessons with them and they are doing SOOOO good! Mauro, who is a very LARGE man and very Italian had already read to 1 Nephi 14 by our first visit and basically told us back the entire story! It was awesome! He also Entertained us by Quoting from the Godfather, (who he very much resembles from what I have seen on Home Alone) and Singing us Jonny Cash. I love that man! They are awesome and Mauro even told his wife... "I think I want to become a mormon!" Yes we are SOOOOO pleased! We are still meeting with them so yahoo!

I would have to say one another miracle this week was having 5 people in church on Sunday! Saturday night we decided that we were going to call as many people as possible to invite them to come to church. We made tons of calls so we were really excited for church. Sunday morning a few people called us and said they couldn't come. BUT then we ended up having 3 people we didn't expect at church! It was really exciting to have all them there sunday! I am grateful for Heavenly Father recognizing our efforts!

Just a quick Liz update... We had a lesson with her today! She is soooo great because she just soaks in information! We do have to postpone her baptism only because we haven't been able to meet with her. Now it is Scheduled for the 29th... AFTER TRANSFERS... ALAS! But we are happy nonetheless! THe best part is that she has talked to her mom, she told her about coming to church and the lessons! YAHOO! We haven't gotten to the baptism part... but! Progress nonetheless! I LOVE seeing her sooo happy!

As for the crazy part of the week... We had about 50, okay exaggeration, 4 lessons this week with people who just wanted to know more about the church... aka weren't interested really at all. We had an old man whose 50 year old Grandson just yelled his head off at us, a Jehovah Witness who taught us a lot about his religion, and an Old man who told us that he thinks Mormons view God as mean. The hard part about these lessons was just my heart breaking for these people who literally have the truth 2 inches away from them but won't accept it!!! AHHHH!!! Satan is just toooo stinking strong!
But, never fear! We are battling! I know that as we share our testimonies people will recognize the importance of our message, of our Savior, and of our Heavenly Father!!!

I know that this church is true! I know that you can find soooo much Peace and Happiness if you just live it's principles! I love being a missionary and meeting ALL types of people... so fun!
Have the best week ever!

Slla. Kates

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