Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's a miracle, miracle, a true blue miracle!!!‏

Famiglia mia!! 

Fam... life is good. SO GOOD!! You are going to Kiawah! Blissful day! I am sooo excited for you! I think you need to make sure you do the following... 

1. Catch a sand dollar for me
2. Eat a large slice of chocolate cake for me
3. Have a 50 yard dash in honor of me
4. catch a beautiful body surfing wave for me
5. sing "Beach Beach going to the beach" for me
6. watch an extra lot of disney channel for me
7. play a round of Bang for me
8. build one extra large sand castle (perhaps in the form of italy) for me
9. eat some blue bell ice cream for me...
10. Go to the Mill's house for me... he he he ;)

Have sooo much fun! I am excited you will be there when I get to call! I don't know the deets of the call yet but I will let you know next week. 

SO this week honestly was just unreal! Piena di miracoli! Full of Miracles! 
I said last week we were working with a part member family, the family Meneghini. We had a lesson on saturday and we proposed a baptisimal date for them. They were a little hesitant. So we taught our lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ an how we have to follow his example and be baptized. Then we knelt down and said a prayer together. Slla Meneghini said the prayer. As soon as it was over she said, "May 25th... it just came to me!" We were thrilled! Now we are working as hard as we can to help get them all ready! 

Then SUNDAY! So can I just tell you that it was crazy! We get to church... no one it there. Then the family Meneghini comes! The whole family in church! Then Gica and her Son Davide... Then 2 other investigators... then another family, the family of Pizza Love! They all came!!! I don't know if I have already told you about Pizza love but they are our favorite Pizzeria! We love them and they love us. We usually just try to teach them a few things in their restaurant but if you remember a few weeks ago they came to church. This week they said they couldn't come. But as we are sitting in Sacrament Meeting in walks... THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Them and their 3 kids! We were just beaming! It was a total of 11 investigators in church! And Yesterday we went to Pizza Love's house for lunch and taught them about the Book of Mormon! SO awesome! This is a testimony to me about the importance of sharing the gospel everywhere you go, my companion is incredible at doing this and as a result of her constant testifying... miracles are happening! 

Also sunday we got to go with the ward to a rest home to sing. It was so much fun! we sang all these classic italian songs. It reminded me of singing with Grandma because she knows all the classic american songs! OH and don't worry, we even sand O Susanah in Italian! ANd of course, Volare! (i.e. Lizzie Mcguire movie)! 

Honestly I am just one little happy Missionary! I love being a Missionary! 
Remember how much Heavenly Father loves each of you. I have had a lot of experiences in the past little while of testifying and telling people how much their Heavenly Father loves them and that they Have a Savior who understand them perfectly. It is litterally Heart breaking when they don't believe it. I can't immagine my life without the knowledge that we can repent, we can start over, we can do the impossible, all thanks to our Savior! 

I love you all so much! Keep the faith! 

Slla Kates

ps. Jake good luck on the ap tests! and Have fun at prom! Lots of pics okay?! 

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