Friday, May 25, 2012

Shake it all out...‏

Hey guys! 

Well I shall first off tell you that I am alive and well! The earthquake was for sure freaky! It was a 5.9 and thus about like what we were in in Hawaii. The thing is we live on the top floor of our building and it litterally felt like the whole building was just swaying in the wind... it was sooo loud and of course the sound of all our glasses falling off the shelves in the kitchen didn't help the scaredness factor! My comp was screaming her head off and I just had no idea what to do! Of course I remembered the door jam thing, but what do you do after? Evacuate? Stay there? Luckily there was just 1 after shock. And after calling the Elders at 4 in the morning and pushing our beds together we were able to get a wee bit of sleep. CRAZY huh!! I will not lie I don't enjoy experiencing natural disasters without the family. ;) 

This week has been really interesting! Both wonderful and hard... but in a goodway. Thursday we went to Pordenone and did a blitz there- they have a real, american church there!! It is HUGE and even has pews in the chapel! It was really neat we got to work with the sisters there who are actually in a threesome. So I was in a threesome for the day. They are really awesome sisters and we learned a lot from them. Not going to lie however it was nice to come home to our blessed Verona. 

The wonderful parts of the week are that we of course see miracles everyday. The other day we went out to do some ricerca (finding). We decided on a street and headed there on our bikes. Then we just started stopping people. In just a short period of time we were able to talk to 3 moms and get their numbers to come back and teach them... three moms with families that need the gospel! yahoo!  We have found some new people and are excited to contact them and start the teaching process. Since most of our investigators have become eternal, we are looking for new people. The hard part of the week was ups and downs with our investigators. It is amazing how much we just want them to progress! We know that living the gospel can CHANGE their lives and is the only way, but I also am learning that PATIENCE... is a virtue. Big time ;) and I have always been so patient ;) (don't worry, I am learning!) 

Next week is transfers. I am quite positive that I will be staying here in Verona. I am not going to lie it will be really hard to let my comp leave. Slla Laratro is so incredible and we have served 3 transfers together. By now she is litterally my sister and we are like the same person!

My fam... the pics of kiawah looked blissful! Everytime I smell those poisonous flowers here in Verona I think of you guys! he he!! I love you all sooo much and honestly I love being a missionary! It is wonderful to have the chance to put on my nametag everyday and serve Heavenly Father. I am grateful for how much I am learning about how much he loves us, even if we are not perfect. The most important thing is that we just keep trying everyday to be a better, or like President Hinckley says, Stand a little Taller! 

Love you all soooo much!! 
Slla Kate 

Letter to Mom and Dad.....
Sunday we went to the family that will be baptized on saturday. The husband and wife got in the biggest fight I have ever seen in my life... it was insane and all in front of us. We ended up leaving because we had no idea what to do. The wife was litterally out of her wits and yelling and said there won't be a baptism saturday. We left the house litterally shocked. 

Monday we got a call from her, the wife. She apologized and said she was so sorry. she has had 3 baptism dates and has never gone through with it. She told us that ever time she is closed to being baptized, something huge happens and she doesn't. She explained that she knew satan was trying so hard to prevent her from getting baptized. Then she informed us we will have the baptism saturday!! CRAZY HUH! 

More about the Earthquake....
we are totally fine! But we felt alot and yes it was long... but mostly we felt so much because we live so high up! It was crazy... I DON'T like earthquakes... that is for sure! 

I will be posting a bunch of pictures that Katie sent soon as I can figure it out!!!! of these days!!!!

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