Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Once upon a time there was a missionary... and a bike crash, and an earthquake, and a baptism..‏


Guys... peace out... I have so much to tell you I don't even know where to start! This has offically been the MOST eventful week of my mission. I will tell you right off I am 100% perfectly, happily, physically exhausted!!! I have never experience such tiredness! I love it ;) 

Let me start with the Family Meneghini! THEY GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! It was seriously the most beautiful baptism I have ever been too. And I have to start by telling you that last Sunday, some things went down and Slla Meneghini called off the baptism. We were dying... it seemed like everything was falling apart. Monday however, she called us and apologized and said that she is amazed at how satan works to stop her from being baptized but she wasn't going to let him win. She said she prayed a ton and was ready. So the baptism was back on. We worked our guts out to get everything ready and Saturday, Slla Meneghini, and her 2 sons were baptized by her Husband. It was Beautiful! The spirit was so strong!! It was amazing because you could just see that this family took a step towards eternity!! AMAZING! I can't even express how grateful I am that I was able to witness this miracle. And I tell you it is NOTHING less than a miracle they are baptized and confirmed members of the Church! 

Needless to say Sunday after the confirmation we were exhausted. Its amazing how you feel sometimes on the mission like you have just run a marathon but only because you are stressing and thinking about others. Its a really good kind of tired ;) Well Monday rolled around and we planned an FHE with the ward. We talked to them about Miracles and they watched The other side of Heaven. During the FHE we got a phone call from president... TRANSFERS!!!!!!!! Slla Laratro is going to Collegno to open! They are taking the elders out and putting her in! She will also be training! WOW!! Then she passed the phone to me and President informed me I would be staying in Verona. As expected. He then informed me that my new companion... he didn't know because she hadn't yet arrived. i.e. I'M TRAINING!! I pretty much was like... what?!! I am for sure the nervousest thing!!! 

Well the movie got over and we hopped on our bikes to head home. Well our church is at the top of a hill... It has a really steep driveway that at the bottom has an apartment right accross, you can only turn right or left. We hopped on our bikes and about at the bottom of the hill my break totally fell off... just snapped and I went barreling, mock 90,  into the steal gate infront of me... Head first. I turned my head at the last minute so my helmet took most of the impact. But I had a nice mark from the gate on my face ;) My pinky got sliced. Right after I was totally fine, and got right up and told everyone I was okay. But my companion screamed and was like where is all this blood coming from... I look down and my dress and legs are coverd in Blood. And as we all know... Me and blood... we are not friends! When I saw all the blood from my finger I almost fainted and so the members insisted on taking me to the hospital. I have lots of bruises but my helmet saved my life! We were in the Hosptial till 2 in the morning cuz they thought I needed stitches but in the end just glued me up. Then they took a 1000 x-rays and sent me away with a neck brace... I looked like a complete fool. I actually told the nurse "I can't go out there like this... my companion will die!" Sure enough Slla Laratro about wet her pants when she saw me and we laughed the entire way home!  I am 100% fine but it surley was an adventure! That didn't end there...

After informing president that we got home so late we ended up sleeping in Tuesday... well tried because we were woken up again by yet... ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE!! Blast... can't the earth just chill ;) Yesterday there were a couple of aftershocks. They are about 5.8, 5.9 and Verona is okay and we are fine! 

Needless to say this has been a crazy week! And I can only expect that things will just get crazier as I head to Milan tomorrow to pick up my Greenie. I'm not going to lie lots of worries are running through my head... like I don't know if I can do this. But I know that I am just going to have to rely 5,000% percent on Heavenly Father and My Savior. THis is their work and they are in control. I will do my best... and leave the Lord the rest! 

I love you all and Hope things are lovely! Blessed day for summer!! I can't believe it is already here!! 

Well... I will let you know how things go next week okay... Hopefully all the crazy adventures are over for a while and we can just have lots of miracles :) he! 

I love you all!

S.lla Katie 

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