Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mamma che caldo!‏

Carissima Famiglia Mia! 

Ciao tutti! Wowzer! I am HOT! Folks these days in Verona are enough to litterally make you melt. I sorta feel like I am stuck in a heat bubble... or like I am in charleston on the hottest of hot days and can't go to the beach! Our house is like an oven and with a little whimpy fan we try to keep cool. We have some sort of space ship AC thing that looks a lot like R2D2 and I think I am gonna try and figure it out cuz I am melting!!! The Humidity is like 500%... ha ha okay I'll stop complaining cuz I know Seth probably had it WAY worse! ;) But with how sweaty we get biking everywhere, it's no wonder people don't want to talk to us! Jokes, Jokes! But we do look pretty gnarly as we walk up out of breath, dripping and say "HI we're the missionaries!"

Well other than the Heat things are quite dandy here in Verona. My comp and I are really learning what it means to be a missionary as our days are filled with tracting, knocking, and bike riding. We are certainly in a time of work where we are searching for those who are ready for the gospel. We have really had some neat experiences this past week. One Miracle would be meeting a girl named Frederica. We were walking down the street doing some casa and also talking to anyone we saw on the street. After talking to a woman who wasn't interested in the least, We turned around and 2 feet away was this Young Italian girl... Frederica. I stopped her and we got talking... She informed us right off she was atheist, I asked why. Well long story short we start explaining to her who we are and our message. After a while in the street she says, "hey I live right here, you want to come to my house?" YES! So we walk to her house and turns out... she's locked out! Which was a little rough for her but perfect for us cuz now she HAD to listen ;) he he! So as she waited for her landlord to come we explained the restoration and the Book of Mormon. We had the chance to bear our testimonies about it and really let her know it is TRUE!! Then we challenged her to read it and told her she was a daughter of her Heavenly Father and that he loved her! It was really a neat experience and just made me soooo grateful for the Knowledge we have that we have a Heavenly Father. 
Its the simpliest part of the Gospel... God is our Heavenly Father and he loves us. Its the first thing we learn at the MTC in our Language... Dio e' il nostro padre celeste e lui ci ama. It amazes me that people don't know this. That's why I am here. They have to know they have a Heavenly Father they can turn to with ANYTHING. That he is always there and loves them. That he sent his son for them!!! I just can't imagine my life without this knowledge! 

We are still teaching Gica and Davide. I want soooo badly for them to get baptized. It is amazing how much you learn about love on the mission. I love this family more than I can even express. Thats why its so hard when Gica won't accept to be baptized. I see her struggles and KNOW how they can be fixed. I see the blessings she is losing by not excepting Heavenly Fathers outreached hand! AH! But we are going back to the basics with her and starting with a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith! That's the key! We are also teaching a Man named Massimo... Boy Friend of a member and they came to church on Sunday! I was sooooo happy when I saw them walk in! Can't wait to teach him more too! 

Guys, I love you so much. Jos... I can't believe you are coming over here! Crazy! You will love it. Jake... keep building those pools! I am proud of you buddy! Sabrines... live up EFY! Ems... take an extra ride on WIcked for me okay!?! 

I know Heavenly Father is Aware of Us. I know he loves us, and I know he has a plan for each of us. We keep doing our part and everything works out. I just know It! 

Dad! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! So in Italy Fathers day is in like March so it threw me off! But know I love you so much and an soooo grateful for you! I will try to hook you up with something fabulous! Actually since Jose is going to florence have her go to town on buying you an jake ties!

Love you all! Have a good week! 
Slla Kate 

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