Sunday, July 1, 2012


Ciao tutti! 

Guys what the goodness... You are all over the place! Jos, GREECE!! I am jealous... I shall go there one day. Remember History of Creativity... you are like living that class! Jake... basking with the priests... Sabrines at the cabin... Ems... Chilling with mom and dad (best deal I think ;) ) It seems like sooo much it going on! Fun to see the pics of it all, Brady's wedding looked fun... Brookie goregous! Tell her hi for me! And Siera, congrats!! WOW I am so excited for her. Summer is always a time when I feel like everything speeds up. It certainly feels like that on the Mission! I mean we are at the end of June!! Slla Morley has now been in Italy for a month! 

Jose... Shout out to you!! Tanti auguri a te!! Buon Compleanno! It think it is quite prudent you are celebrating your 20th birthday in Europe!! WHAT you are 20!!?? We are getting old. ;) Eat some gelato and send me some pics okay!

Yesterday we had blitz. The sisters from Pordenone came here to help us with our work. One sister, Slla Lloyd sings. She started singing Scarlet Pimpernel and I felt immediately at HOME!! Oh how I have missed the bursting into song. I still do it.. but bursting into MO-Tab or EFY don't quite have the same effect ;) 

Well this week was great. We had an awesome conference on Thursday where we learned about finding. President has asked us to quit introducing ourselves and just start testifying. So when we meet someone on the street it goes a little like this...

Hi. How are you? I know God has a plan for us here on this earth. According to you, what is our purpose here?
Then we just start chatting with them. It is blissfully awkward but we have seen miracles come from it. People actually talk to us for a bit! We are doing LOTS of searching... knocking doors, street contacting, bike contacting... the works!! I know Heavenly Fathers got people out there for us, we just gotta track them down! 

We had a pretty neat experience about being in the right place at the right time yesterday. We went to visit a MA in our ward. She lives outside of verona so we took a short train ride out there. She wasn't answering he phone so we set out to find her house by ourselves. We did casa and strada along the way and then found her street. It was long and we finally found what we thought was her house. We definately looked like we were lost, because we were in the middle of no where it seemed. A man walked past us, but then stopped turned around and asked us... "What are you doing out here?" WELL long story short, Francesco this man had met missionaries in Milan 1 year ago. He opened the book of Mormon and showed us the picture with Christ and the Nephites and said it was his favorite picture of Christ. He said when he saw us he was wondering what on earth missionaries where doing out on this country road. Anyway we talked to him, got his number and invited him to come to a baptism the anziani have on friday. He said he had just lost contact with the missionaries! NEAT!! 

We are still working with Gica and Davide... I love them so much I just want them to be happy! I know that living the Gospel makes us happy... PUNTO (period!) Honestly that is what I want most when I meet people to help them know that LASTING HAPPINESS AND PEACE come through living the gospel. Through staying close to Christ and Heavenly Father. It's the only way. It's what makes me smile everyday as a missionary. Getting to tell people that!! I love being a missionary! 

Have the best week okay! Live up all these adventures... and I expect LOTS of pictures! 
Love you,
Slla Kate 

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