Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Greenies and other things... ;)‏

Hey team! What's going on! 

Goodness gracious I feel like you are all doing soooo many crazy cool things this summer! I am excited for all of you... work hard, play hard! (our Zone leaders actually always tell us "Work hard, Pray Hard" ;) ). You guys are awesome for working so much! Sabrines and ems... what are your plans? Weeding ;) And what the... 4 wheelers! Dad you are crazy! 

My fam, this week has been an adventure for sure! Thursday I went to Milan with my Comp to get our new little greenies. We had a little training and then in walked our new comps. My new comp is from LONE PEAK! What the craziness! Her name is Slla Morley and we totally knew each other. She is great, full of energy and went to culinary school... so thus I have been partaking of some delightful things these days! ;) It is crazy too because in our New district we also have Anziano Healey! Yeah! So our district is like World class for Life! Who would have thunk that we'd all be here together again in Italy! 

Being a trainer is crazy business! I feel like my mind might explode just cuz I am trying to always remember everything we have to do! It is sooo fun though because new missionaries just have the conquer the world spirit that I totally love! It has helped me have an extra dose of energy! The other day we gave out a copy of the Book of Mormon and she was on top of the world! I LOVE that because sometimes you forget how important the little things are on the mission. Its all those little things that bring about big things! 

I don't have a ton of time today but things are going good here in Verona. We are still working on Gica and Davide trying to get time baptized and are doing lots of finding work because we need somemore people to teach! But I love it! I will say that it is amazing that Finding has litterally become one of my favorite parts of the mission! I KNOW CRAZY HUH!!! When I swear the first million months I was too scared to talk to anyone! Now it is just fun and I love having the chance to bear my testimony about the gospel. I KNOW IT IS TRUE!! I love being a missionary! 

Heavenly Father is there for us. He is looking after us. I KNOW this is true. He is definately in control of everything and when we have faith in him and his son... things work out. Just remember that okay ;) 

I love you all sooo much! I will right more next week okay! 

Love you,
Slla Kate 

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