Saturday, November 3, 2012

I feel soooo blessed!! The real thing.....▼

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Katie Nilson <> wrote:
How are you all doing!?? I hope good. By what mom said in her email it seems like you are all busy like no other! Jake, surviving sr. Year??? Sabrines and ems, how is school and everything else you are doing? Email me! I got some mail yesterday!! Thank you grandma and mom for the post card and my roomies sent me a package! It was the darlingest thing... (*If you are reading this ames, debs, and pags... I LOVE YOU FOR IT!) We had a zone meeting yesterday so it was neat to be together and get some good training!
Guys... MIRACLES ARE LITTERALLY FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!!!!! I feel soooo blessed I can't even explain. I certainly feel like I don't even deserve these blessings but I am sooo thankful for them. This week has been sooo busy. I had forgotten how fast paced city life is. Let me just tell you about a couple things that happened this week...
Friday: Lesson with Linda... Remember that Lady we found whose whole family are members in Rome and stuff? Well we taught her and it was unreal. I don't know where she came from but she asks alll the right questions and in the End said she would happily read the book of mormon!! SOO Exciting!
Saturday: Went to teach a girl named Nicole. It was my first time but she has been taught for a long time. Her parents are members but she isn't. We walk into the lesson, sit down, chat a bit, and then... She says "Sorelle I have been praying a lot and I feel it is time I get baptized!" WHAT???? I about died on the spot! She is beautiful and 20 years old and leaving soon to go to New York to study... YEP! I got so excited and told her my cousins live there and she could contact them... Hope you don't mind em and chase ;) We are going to plan the baptism before she COOL is that!!
SUNDAY!! I got to go to my ward!! We still aren't in our church yet so it was only about 1/2 the members but they held meetings in a city outside of milan. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!! Seriously the spirit was sooo strong the entire day. Don't worry that they asked me to play in sacrament... I fail at the piano. I think I need to start practicing again, but I am thankful to you my parents for making me take lessons so atleast I could help! It is amazing to see how strong these people are. They are few in number, but soooo strong in the faith! And actually the ward here is quite huge! Its the biggest ward I have been in in my mission! We are all really excited for the conference next week with the new stake!
Oh man... There are sooo many things I want to tell you all about! We are working with so many beautiful women... Olga, Denise, Alma, Nicole, linda, Jenny, Cristina... I just love them all soooo much! It is amazing to see how it truely is the Gospel that teaches us our worth because it teaches us who we REALLY ARE!!
I have been thinking about this a ton lately and honestly I think I am just begining to understand that we are CHILDREN OF GOD!! Do you all know what this means??? WE ARE DIVINE!! WE are soooo special. Heavenly Father loves each of us unconditionally and wants soooo bad for us to be happy and succeed. I think its really easy to compare ourselves or worry about what others think, but really, only what Heavenly Father and the Savior think is what matters. We are trying to help each of the women we teach remember this... and I am trying to remember it myself! We can't forget who we REALLY are! When we remember who we really are it changes everything.... we are obident because we want to be, we serve because we want to, we love because we see others how they really are too! Its not always easy to remember this... cuz satan works superhard to make us forget it... but its true!
Oh one last little tender mercy of Joy. Yesterday we were getting on the metro after our conference and who should I behold... Monica from VERONA!! She is member there and honestly my heart just filled with joy to see her! WHAT are the chances I would see her one her one day in Milan, on the Metro, that I usually never take! Serious, a little joyous miracle I was sooo thankful for!  
I love you all sooo much! Sorry to be sooo quick, I will write more next week (feels like I always say this ;) ) Have the best week! Sending copious amounts of love your way!
Con Amore,
Slla Kate

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