Saturday, November 3, 2012

I saw Sister Nilson in Milano:):)‏


Hello! Hope your week was great!

I had the wonderful opportunity to get to see your daughter in Milan on Friday:)! I went for work and took my friend, Luzia. We were all able to meet up at the Duomo to catch up and she shared a spiritual message with us and my non-member friend. It was so magical, I miss her so much and it was so fun to see her.

It looks like she is doing SO well, happy and excited and just energized with the work and the new area and the people she is teaching. Looks like she has a great companion and she just was a shining light like always.

She also let me know it was a year ago on Friday, when we met that she arrived in Milan and met up at the Duomo as a newbie missionary so it was such a special day for her! We took some fun Book of Mormon pics in front of the Duomo I thought you would like.

Enjoy and hope you're well:)!


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