Thursday, May 20, 2010

And then we went to Montepulciano...

Well last weekend we got to take at little trip on our own. Me and a my friends decided we would go explore Montepulciano- it is a beautiful hill top city in Italy. If you want to see a beautiful view of the Tuscan countryside... this is the place to go. Only I would recommend going on sunny day... not when it is raining the whole time. Another little perk of this lovely city- it was the location of the Italy scenes in the final moments of the one and only movie NEW MOON!! Yes!! Although the book is set in Volterra, the movie was filmed in Montepulciano. Since we were in the very location that edward and bella stood... we felt it was an absolute MUST to recreate the intense final seconds where bella must stop edward from stepping into the sun or else their eternal love will be lost forever....

First watch the real thing... You tube- bella saving edward

Next sit back, relax, and love every second of this blissful recreation...


  1. wow. how did you get so lucky to get casted as the main protagonist? what a romantic flick.

    thats sweet though. you walked where vampires roamed wildly. thats sick

  2. Hahahaha.
    Wow Katniss! I really felt the emotions, outstanding. And I loved how much you guys tried not to laugh.

  3. Katterpants. I just watched New Moon last night and you indeed did go to the right place and do the right scene. I am ever impressed by your cinematic talents.