Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I cibi Italiani

Dear Family, Friends, and Readers-

The following post is about food, and not just any food- I am talking about I cibi italiani (Italian food)! Today I had my first experience having a full Italian meal. The Dante Alighieri Institute had a welcome festa for our group. When we walked into the room, the table was already covered with food. Beautiful pane (bread), bruschetta, grilled pomodori (tomatoes), three types of salami, and Orange Fanta to drink (which tastes totally different than American orange fanta- it’s better in my opinion)! Was I in heaven? Answer: YES!! I proceeded to gorge myself, trying everything minus the grilled tomatoes. When I finished I was totally full from eating and drinking so much. They cleared our plates and suddenly they place a huge plate of pasta in front of me!! WHAT?? Little did I know that everything I had just consumed was on the antipasti (the appetizers)!! I found out at the point there were 3 courses to go! Although I was stuffed to the brim, I never say no to food, and especially not to authentic Italian food. After our pasta con pesto, we were served turkey and a variety of grilled peppers and stewed eggplant. I nixed the eggplant, but the turkey was great. Finally, DESSERT! We ate Panacotta alla fragola- a crème Brule like substance covered with strawberries. Let me tell you- this meal was the epitome of bliss! I certainly wish I could package some up and send it to all of you! But no worries when I learn the Italian way of cooking, I shall just make you some when I get back.

Tonight we had family home evening with our group. After our lesson and a game, we had an Italian dessert called Ciobar- it is a hot, pudding-like chocolate substance and it is, of course, delicious! We also bought some treats called Delicè that are made by Kinder the company that is similar to hostess here- only better of course! I will be bringing some delicè home for sure!

And so the lessons to be learned from this post-

1. Authentic Italian food= bliss

2. Don’t stuff yourself on the first food you see at an Italian dinner- chances are there are many more delicious courses to come J!

Mi amo tutti!

The Piazza dei Miracoli! BELLISSIMA!!


  1. As i look into my empty cupboard where food used to be... I now think of you and how much food you are eating and the hunger pains go away... thanks for eating enough for the both of us. it has not gone unnoticed. EAT ON!!

  2. Katniss. That meal sounds so heavenly--angelic almost. Especially that dessert. I shouldn't have read that before eating breakfast.My frosted flakes will taste dismal now.