Monday, May 3, 2010

Sittin' in Siena

Siena is amazing- enough said!! It is the most medieval city in Italy. It is beautiful with all the high city walls and tall buildings! Everything is made out of stone, the buildings, the walls, and the streets. The piazza del campo is officially my favorite part of the city so far. It is a big open stone area that everyone sits at it is basically a park, but there is no grass. Everyone sits on the ground, and the children play around. I love sitting and people watching! I have learned a few things while sitting in the Piazza...

1. Italians really have no problem displaying affection...

2. Italian children are darling

3. You can smoke a pack a day without ever buying a cigarette (purely breathing second hand smoke)

4. gelato and pizza... best combo ever!

I had my first experience going to church here in Italy! A missionary here is the branch president. He taught combined priesthood and relief society, then we had Sunday school, then testimony meeting- It was a really neat experience. I didn’t understand very much but I hope that changes.

Also! I found out my internship!! I will be working at a restaurant here in Siena, as an assistant to the chef... I just hope by then my Italian will be a little bit better by then!

Today I started my classes- I realized that learning Italian in America is a lot different than learning Italian in English! Io non parlo bene, but I feel that I will for sure get better! I have so many more stories to tell... I will write them tomorrow... the school is closing and so thus my internet is going away....

Ci parliamo!


  1. You're going to be a chef for your internship?!! thats INSANE!!! all I have to say is that I am excited for your dinner night next semester! I will be your assistant next semester! Molto bene

  2. Good point Paigey. sweet. That's so fun Kats!
    Good luck with school, and I bet church will get easier, that's so hard though! ciao ciao ciao.