Monday, May 10, 2010

Frolicking In Firenze-

Saturday May 8th I lived out my dream of visiting Florence (Firenze) Italy!! Lets just say that if I thought I knew what it was like to be completely awestruck before, after visiting I realized I didn’t have a clue!

We woke up early and hopped on a bus from Siena to Florence. The ride was especially beautiful as we were driving through the Tuscan countryside. When we got to Florence, I could barley pay attention to where I was going because I couldn’t help but look around! With hands on my purse and camera we set off following our group leaders (Professore e Sorella Boynton) into the city center.

We walked through the open market and I longed to stop and buy everything we passed! Purses, Leather books, Jackets, clothes, and Jewelry GALORE! We continued down the street and then rounded the corner and...

WOW!! There towering above my head was the Duomo. It was unreal.... Intricate sculptures and gold detail covering every inch of the huge building! I just stood there looking. We walked past the Duomo and continued to our first destination- The Uffizi- perhaps the most famous art museum in Florence. It features art from Michelangelo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Leonardo di Vinci. Walking into that Museum was like stepping back in time. All the art was so amazing (I am going to run out of adjectives before I am done with this post because everything was so UNREAL!). We spent 2 hours walking through, looking at each piece but you could spend 10 hours and still need more time to really see everything!

After the Uffizi, next stop- The Accademia: Home of Michelangelo’s David. I walked through the first cou

ple rooms and looked at the art and some unfinished sculptures from the time. Based on the map I had looked at, it appeared that David would be at the end of the Museum. I walked into the next hall and... THERE IT WAS! It literally took my breath away; I was so surprised. And then we just stood there looking for so long because it is so amazing! The detail in the hands, the feet, and the muscles is truly magnificent. You can see the veins in David’s hands the muscles and tendons in his legs. What I kept thinking was how on earth could someone do this? It boggles my mind! We then finished walking through and saw even more sculptures- WOW, the time, talent, and work that it would take!

After such an experience we of course had to take a gelato break. Then it was on to Ponte Vecchio the old covered bridge in Florence. When you walk across the bridge, everything glitters. Why? Because Gold and Silver Jewelry Shops line both sides of the covered bridge. It is a beautiful br

idge and so old!

When we got to the other side of the bridge we decided to go to Piazzale Michelangelo. The Piazzale Michelanglo is a lookout point. We switch backed up a beautiful green hill and when we got to the top, this is what we saw...

BLISS, YES!!! I could have stayed up there for hours! Everywhere I looked it was so gorgeous!

The last hour was spent in the open Market where I purchase an Italia Jacket- A must have for all tourists. I knew I couldn’t leave Italy without one and I am so pleased!!

So Florence in a nutshell...

1. 1. Saw some of the most marvelous works of art in History

2. 2. Successfully evaded the gypsys

3. 3. Saw more nudity in one day than I have seen in my whole life

4. 4. Was completely AWESTRUCK! By the beautiful city...


So everyone, put it on your bucket list- See Florence and Michelangelo’s David before you die- It is an absolute MUST!



  1. Done and Done. it's for sure on my bucket list now! i got an adrenaline rush from reading this. I can only imagine you freaking out at all of the above stated magnificacies. i need more pictures!!!!

  2. Florence sounds fabulissimo! I love hearing about your gelato breaks, because, duh. And I'm jealous of all the art work!!! Wonderful bella!

  3. Sounds so amazing! So jealous!

  4. Katie- I heard about your blog and had to check it out. I am so thrilled for you to be having this amazing adventure! Italy is dear to my heart and I have been loving reading your posts- it's such a magical place.
    Have a wonderful time, and eat as much gelato as possible!!! Can't wait to see where you go next!
    -Sarah Rueckert

  5. Katie, Your description of walking into the room and seeing Il Davide was the same response that I had. It is hard to imagine how he was able to make something to life-like out of stone. In my office at work I have a picture just like yours from Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking the Ponte Vecchio. It makes me want to go back.

    Darcy Mott