Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arrivederci Italia!

Dearest friends-

My last week in Italy was filled with oodles of fun that I simply must share with you!

Our last Saturday some of the gang decided to go back to Firenze (Florence) because we did not see everything we wanted to the first time! So this time around the agenda included:

1. Casa Bonarotti
2. Medici Chapels

These chapels officially became one of my favorite spots in Florence. The ceiling was simply awesome!
3. San Lorenzo Chapel and Library
4. the Barjello
5. Boboli Gardens
I felt like I was in Narnia... bliss!

That night we spent the night in Florence in a hostel. I finally had a true hostel experience- 7 beds in one room. That night was probably one of the longest nights of my life considering it was about 7,000 degrees in the room, but we couldn't open the windows because there was a party going on in the street below us until about 4 in the morning, celebrating the world cup. Needless to say I probably slept only 20 minutes the whole night!

(Our feet after a LONG day of adventure and mostly walking... )
But the next morning we had the awesome chance to got to district conference and listen to a broadcast for all of Europe in Italian! It was such a neat experience!

It was certainly fun to go, but nice to get back to little Siena!

The rest of the week passed all too QUICKLY!! I just didn't even know what to do with myself!! How was I suddenly walking down to the train station, spending the night at the Pisa airport (oh that airport and I will always have fond memories) and then in Paris flying back to America???

I must say that Italy was basically one big, long, amazing dream come to life!! I still have a few more posts left in me because I am not home yet so tune in for some more of my adventures later!

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