Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Il mio restaurante e i miei amici!

Well team I decided that It is finally time that I blog about my internship!! It is so amazing and I absolutely love working at my restaurant...

Il Carroccio!

It is an awesome, small, but very classy and expensive restaurant just outside of the piazza. Let me take a minute to introduce you to my coworkers-


My boss and a native of Siena. She has had her restaurant for over 20 years. She is an amazing cook, and a little bit intimidating. I have a hard time understanding her Italian sometimes, so she just laughs at me, but I really love working and learning from her. OH, and she had purple highlights even though she is well over 50!


The head cook who is from Bangladesh. He is the one who makes all of Renata’s fabulous recipes. He is so nice and patient with me and always tells me exactly what he is make and what he puts into the recipes so I can recreate them- only he never measures anything (because he is just that good) so I’m not positive my attempts to recreate the food will be successful J


My best friend at the restaurant! Emmy is from Senegal and she speaks French, Italian, and English. She is the most patient with me and always helps me with my Italian! She fixes my mistakes and asks me to help her with my English. Emmy knows that I love to make desserts, so whenever someone orders a dessert, she lets me do it! I also help her with all the appetizers!


Our Brazilian Server! She is so fun and loves to dance and sing. But with her Portuguese accent and how fast she talks, sometimes I don’t understand her. But Emmy translates, so it’s all good!


The quite dishwasher from Bangladesh. He is such a hard worker, just takes orders from everyone and always cleans up my messes for me!

So that is the crew!! I love working there with all my heart! For the past few days the have had riposare (the verb to relax). Basically it means they close the store and take a little break. So I have just been frolicking with....


She flew all the way from Birmingham to frolic with me in Italia! BEST DAY!!!

pictures to come!


  1. OH i love the Restaurant crew!!! they sound PERFECT!!! I like the little quiet dishwasher... he seems nice. I want pictures of all of these people that are becoming such a big part of your life! and I am SOOO happy that Nelle is THERE!!! could it be more perfect?! Nay. it could not. Take so so so many pictures! Love you!

  2. Wish I was there frolicking with you and Nelle, while Jeanen sang for us :) But for now I'll have to just stare at the beautiful postcard I got yesterday from Sienna, Italy. Thanks so much girlie! Love you Kates!

  3. What a fun crew! Emmy sounds like a way chill girl. I can't wait for you to cook like Bikash.