Thursday, June 10, 2010

Follonica e Monteriggioni- perfecto!

Well team,
The past few days have definitely been fun and adventure filled. I didn't have to work and Nielle was here so we did a lot of frolicking! BEST THING EVER!! On Monday I just showed Nielle around Siena. Tuesday, our group decided to hop on the train and go to


It is a teeny hilltop town. We got off at our train stop and actually had to hike up to the town. On the way we found another little surprise. We saw a sign that said Castello, which is castle in Italian. So we took a little detour up to this old castle. It was deserted, which of course made it ideal for exploring. I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie and we climbed in to the old house. We explored the various rooms, it looked a little war-torn- but of course it was completely safe :) Cajin found a window that we could climb out of to get to the outside wall. At this point I felt like Anne Shirley as she attempts to walk across the roof... Don't worry, I didn't fall so all is well!

After that adventure we continued on to Monteriggioni. The city was really cool and we climbed on top of the city walls to see some amazing views of the Tuscan Valley. It also started pouring rain here so we played in the rain and jumped in puddles... needless to say I was soaked! (Monteriggioni from a distance...)

At the Castello...
Wednesday we went to FOLLONICA-
beautiful beach town! White sandy beaches + clear blue water + sun shining= BEST DAY! We actually went to Follonica on Saturday and it was so amazing we just had to go back. We spent the day swimming in the warm water and playing in the sand. I'm sure the italians thought we were crazy since they pretty much go to the bea
ch just to tan, but we were loving life. We finished the day with Pizza and Gelato... Heaven!
Well I can't believe that my adventure will be ending so soon, But I am loving every minute of it!


  1. Beautiful Kates! Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Kat. this is bliss. I think i had a dream that I was doing the same things... then I woke up. the difference between us is that you wake up and then live your dream. I will try to follow suit. LOVE YOU!