Thursday, June 3, 2010

By the sea... Oh how happy we will be...

Well my dear readers. I thought that I had officially been baffled beyond words and awed beyond imagination here in Italy- Yet some how Italy never fails to surprise me. Yesterday, I experienced the adventure of a lifetime and will now award “The most beautiful city in Italy award I have thus seen so far” to.... CINQUE TERRE!!!!

This group of 5 cities is built up along the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Italy.

Just take a look and prepare to witness bliss-

We took the train to the first city- Riomaggiore- and then began the beautiful hikes from city to city on the "Via del Amore" (the pathway of LOVE :). The second city was Manarola- SO BEAUTIFUL!!! - It truly is magnificent!
It was here that I had a bit of a fun experience... I don't know if you notice the rocks in the bottom right of the above picture, But they stick out into the ocean. Well of course our group had to be hardcore and go out on to the rocks. Everything was just dandy until the waves started getting really big. So we were hurry to get back to the side, and I took a little step on a very slippery rock... and I was a goner... into the ocean, clothes, backpack and all!! Of course it was hilarious and I couldn't breath because I was laughing so hard! I was totally fine with only minor cuts and bruises- and my dear friend Natalie sacrificed her dry clothes so I didn't have to hike in soaking wet ones! It was a fantastic way to start the day! Here is a picture post fall, nice and wet...
Well the hikes to the other cities were less eventful, and more beautiful with every step!! We hiked first to Corniglia, then on to Vernazza.

SO AMAZING!!!! The hike was uber steep, but so pretty it didn't even matter! Our last stop was Monterrosso, which we took the train to. When we walked out of the little station we saw this...

It was time for the BEACH!!! We had so much fun swimming in the BLUE water!! It was so clear!! But now it is time for hilarious story #2. So Kari, Sydnee, Jarom, and I were just out swimming about and having a fabulous time. Suddenly I kicked some and screamed!! It hurt and I said "I think I just kicked a jellyfish!!" We were just laughing and thought It couldn't possibly be a jellyfish! Well a few minutes later... Jarom yells, and then yells, and then yells... He got hit three times by the evil jellyfish, and His stings were HUGE!!!
Jarom was definitely masking his pain in this after shot because his arm was burning!! We had to go to the lifeguard and get some medicine. It was for sure an eventful trip to the sea!!

We finished the day with gelato and the 4 hour train ride home. All in All a day from heaven!!


  1. The whole day sounds crrraaazzyy! I love that you fell in the ocean, what a perfect italiano adventure. and the jellyfish!
    the pictures are amazing. but I'm at my wits end, not knowing what exactly is the prettiest city in italy :)

  2. OH I wish so badly that I could've seen you fall in. this would have been something that would have strengthened our relationship. but this place is beautiful!!!! I definitely want to go there before I kick the bucket. Jellyfish are always fun fun.. poor thing. LOVE YOU!!
    ps. you are quite the photographer.