Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Letter...

Sorry it is a little late.... But better late than NEVER!
Here is Katie's Second Letter from the MTC!!! ENJOY!

Ciao Tutti!!
My goodness it is week number 2 here at the MTC and guess what?? I STILL LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! Just when you think that it couldn't possibly get any better... you are totally wrong! The spirit is always here, and we learn such amazing things! We have a devotional every tuesday and Sunday, and they seriously are the best things ever! We get to hear so much amazing information and it is such a spiritual boost! I want to share with you some of the stuff I have heard... Here are just a few one- liner gems....
"The People in your heart, can't see what's in your heart, let them know whats in your heart everyday" - Make sure you tell people you love them when you do!!!
"Give yourself to Christ and he can do miracles with everyone of us...As you allow the lord to Sanctify you, you will become men and women of God." Elder Simmons
"Love is what Christ is all about, Love is what our Heavenly Father is all about... God loved you so much that he gave his only begotten son, it wasn't a barter, it was a gift. Now that is love." -Robert P. Swenson
"The Choices we make today can profoundly alter your future; Learn how to exercis faith and learn by faith so you can draw down poer from heaven!"- Elder Lund
Are we so lucky or what??? And these are just teensy phrases from some of the most amazing talks I have ever heard! We are constantly getting spiritually fed (so even if our physical nourishment is not so good... our spiritual nourishment is like a feast everyday!! Oh man... my humor is failing these days!)
Well the language is still coming... They are implementing a whole new program here at the MTC so we are really lucky to be part of it. We got a new book that is supplemental material to Preach my Gospel... It is so neat! We litterally have been teaching a lesson everyday since day 2 in italian!! Right now our investigator is named Oscar. He is married with one son, and just loves his family! Perfect right?? We just met him yesterday, so we will teach him again tomorrow and are already planning on talking to him about how the gospel blesses families!
Alright, now for more about my district and the other new district. They are SOOOO AMAZING!! Combined in those 2 districts we only have 11 missionaries... The 2 older districts leave on Tuesday, so for a while there will be only 11 italians in the MTC! WE are such good friends. I have never seen charity in action as I have here at the MTC. We are always there for each other and really want so badly for everyone to succeed. The elders are doing so well! It is amazing to see 19 year old boys assume the responsibilities of being missionaries so quickly! The other night we had district meeting (we combined with the other new district) Anziano Roisum, the District leader said that he really liked just sharing our testimonies. So we went around the room and all bore testimony of this gospel and the importance of missionary work. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG. We were all united in the same cause, to share the gospel as servants of the Lord, specifically the people of Italy. At the End, Anziano Roisum added that before he came everyone told him how hard it was going to be in Italy. He said that now, he doesn't believe it at all. Yes, we will have difficult days, but the Lord called us to Italy for a reason, and there are people there waiting for us!! This is SO true! Everything we do here is to prepare ourselves for those people! We already love the italian people so much, because our work is centered on them. Needless to say, It was such a neat experience... And I love these anziani and sorelle!
One other thought that we have been taught so much since we have been here is that, "The Lord did not Call us to Fail" I KNOW that this is true. The Lord would never call one of his servants to fail. He wants us to succeed and as we put our faith and trust completely in him, we will be successful missionaries and be blessed!
Now for an eventful story... The other night at about 2 am, Suddently the fire alarm went off in our building! What bliss! As if waking up at 6:30 isn't early enough! We had to evacuate and then found out there had just been an electrical error! Mamma Mia! It was quite the adventure!
I got to see Chad the night before he left! Pictures are coming...I saw him with Seth and said goodbye. He was nervous, but I know he is going to be one heck of a missionary!
Lastly, a few thank yous to TL, Vicki, Mom, and Grandma for the packages!!! YAHOO!! they were the best! and to Lin, Nielle, Debs, and Katreina and everyone else from my fam for the letters! Everyone has started calling me Sorella Populare, and everyday they guess how many letters I am gonna get :) you guys are the best! I shared my treats with my zone and they were very appreciative!!
And Happy Birthday to Mac and Suze!
I love you all and miss you so much!!! I just wish I could teleport you all here so that you could experience all I am experiencing. We got to go to the temple today... BLISS! I love the temple!!
Thank you so much for all your love and support! I know that this church is true and that sharing the gospel is so important!
Until Next week....
Sorella Nilson!

Sorella Populare!!!
Katie gets a lot of letters. Thanks Everyone for your love and support

Kates and her district. She loves her companions!

More picture to come....

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