Monday, August 15, 2011

3rd Letters A Charm!

Mia Famiglia!!
Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!! I hope all is well with you! Thank you for keeping me updated on life mom... I love it! Okay so I have like a gazillion things I want to write and tell you, but so little time! I shall type exceedinly fast... and If my e-mail just abruptly ends... you'll know why!
Okay so first off... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I think i will keep telling you that until it stops being true :) So expect it every week! Our older 2 districts of Italians left yesterday so that leaves only 11 italian missionaries in the whole MTC! But it is the best because we are just the closest group!! Even though we are 2 districts it is like we are one! And I SERIOUSLY Think we have the best elders that ever walked into this MTC! Each of them really want to serve the Lord, and promise... they treat us sisters like Princesses! We had a birthday party for sorella camp on monday... thanks mom for hooking me up with the party stuff. It was very successful and we totally suprised her! We had so much fun! She couldn't believe we did all that for her... but I new her birthday had to be big... Harley style :) I also have to announce that I have offically been sucked into the delight that is Four Square here at the MTC. IT IS THE BEST!!! Holy smokes who knew that a elementary school game could be so fun! We've played it at the last 3 gyms times and I am getting better each round! Last time I was in the top square for atleast 5 minutes... Mamma Mia! Also I got called this week to be coordinating sister! I am now very greatful for my experience as birthday coordinator in relief society, Hopefully I will be successful in coordinating missionaries now! I am in charge of the girls in my branch! Right now that is only my companions, but we get new italian sisters in 3 weeks horrah! and since our branch is so tiny, they have given us Portugese missionaries! Shout out to Sister Hans and Sister Amo! Our church meetings will now be part in italian and part in Portugese!
So every second here at the MTC you learn so much! I am so lucky that I got to come here at a time that they are starting this new program. Everything we do and learn revolves around being better missionaries and being better at teaching to the needs of the investigators. So in TRC for those of you who know what that is, we have started teaching people as they are, not as fake investigators, so we learn how to teach to people's needs. We just started this on monday. When we went in there, our first investigator was named Silvana. Silvana is from GENOVA!! She is 100% italian and is visiting her daughter here in utah for the summer. She and her daughter joined the church 18 years ago. We went in and started to get to know her and found out her husband is not a member. She told us it was her biggest difficulty in her life, She loves him so much and wants him to know that the church is true because it has blessed her life so much! She said he loves the missionaries, but he nevers listens, and won't read the book of mormon. He is catholic only because his family has always been catholic, but she doesn't believe he really cares much about the church. It was amazing. Her spirit was so strong as she testified to us about how the gospel has changed her life and how the people of italy need to hear our message. That day we taught Silvana about prayer. We told her that perhaps that may be the only thing she can do for her husband, Ivo, right now. We promised that in the Lords time he would answer her prayers. Of course she knew this, but said our testimonies strengthened her! IT WAS SO REAL! I can't believe it! I know that I am going to love doing this for 18 months! While I was in there with her, I just felt her desire to share the gospel with her husband so strongly, and it made me not only want to share the gospel with Ivo, but with everyone! She said that what she wanted more than anything was to be sealed to her family, but that can't happen until her husband joins the church. We promised her that she would recieve that blessing even if it wasn't in this life. and guess what?? We get to teach her and Ivo next week in TRC! We are all so excited and at the same time I am really nervous! It's hard not to feel inadequate, but the thing is, I know that this church is true and if that is all I can tell Ivo, then atleast he will know my testimony.
I feel so blessed that already here in the MTC we get to have these types of experiences! I already care so much about Silvana and Ivo and want them to be happy and for Ivo to realize how the gospel and bless his life! I want you to know that I know without a doubt that this church is true. We study the gospel everyday and I learn so much about how the gospel literally is the answer to every problem or trial we face in this life. With the help of the Savior, we can be happy, find comfort, get direction, have peace-- It is the only way!
So che questa chiesa e l'unica chiesa vera sulla terra. So che Joseph Smith era un profeta di Dio e che mediante il sacerdozio di dio, lui ha tradutto il libro di mormon. so che il libro di mormon e` la parola di Dio. Sono grato per il vangelo di Gesu' Cristo nella mia vita. So che mediante l'espiazione di Gesu' Cristo, possiamo tornare a vivere con le nostre famiglie e il Padre Celeste di nuovo!
I love you all and miss you! But the thing I have taught more than any other here at the MTC to my investigators is that the gospel blesses families and that families are eternal! I know this is true!
Have a fabulous week! Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Nilson
P.S. Thanks to Aubrey, Jonzee, Daniel, Grandma and everyone for letters! Replies are coming! Happy birthday to Tim this week! Thanks for the packages and cookies! Grandma, our elders loved them!!
Mom I still need shot info about my MMR shots from when I was a baby or in kindergarten!


  1. Hi. I don't know Sorella Nilson and so I'm totally creeping on this blog, but I feel justified because I am one of those Italian sister missionaries going to the MTC on the 31st! So I will know her eventually (which makes it less creepy, right??). Anyway, her letters are getting me super excited to be a missionary! (And my name is also Katie. Weird.)

  2. Enjoy getting to know KAtes! She is the greatest! And Good Luck to you Katie!