Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tales of the Italian missionary week 4

WHAT?? how has it already been a month! I cannot believe it! While it feels like forever since I have seen you all, the weeks are passing so quickly here! In just a month I will be in Italia! YAHOO! Dad, I can't believe Elder Scott is coming! Tell him to come speak to us at the MTC! We have yet to hear from an apostle :) I'm so jealous!
Well so this week has been really fun, I am still learning so much and basking in all the wonderful talks I get to hear and doctrine I get to learn. The new program here at the MTC really is amazing! We have 2 progressing "investigators" right now-Roberto and Oscar- and we teach all our lessons completely in Italian. They both have a baptismal date, but Roberto is having troubles living the word of wisdom and the law of chastity... I swear If i have to teach him those lessons one more time! Just kidding... but for reals it is really preparing us for what we are going to have to face out in the field!
Well do you remember me talking about Silvana and Ivo last week? So in TRC this week they both came! We were so excited to teach Ivo... Personally I was a little nervous, but we all were excited to share with him the gospel, since that what silvana wants for him! So we get to TRC and find out that Ivo refused to participate. He did not want to listen so Silvana was in the room waiting for us to teach her and Ivo was just waiting on a bench. We were so disappointed. So I asked Fratello Auna if maybe we could just talking to him and tell him we just wanted to practice our italian. After saying a prayer that he would talk to us, Fratello Auna took us to him. We said hello. He wasn't very open at first but we began talking to him about italy and asking all sorts of questions and an Hour later he was laughing and talking and even invited us to come eat dinner at his house, warned us about the mafia, and told us english was ugly :)! It was so cool!! No we didn't teach him, but we just showed him we cared. He told us he loved speaking Italian with us because no one here in Utah speaks Italian! It was such a neat experience because that Is what we are going to have to do everyday, just get to know people and show them we care! It was totally real and just got me even more excited if that is even possible!
OH! Jen- my piano lessons have paid off! Parents you would be proud! Not only did I play all the hymns in sacrament on sunday, but I accompanied sorella oakes and sorella camp as they sang "Sempre vicino a Te" - Nearer my God to thee... and I totally made up a prettier accopaniament... Totally not a big deal for most people... but I was definately proud of myself! Horrah!
We got a bunch of portugese speakers in our branch and get more today! I got to practice my coordinating skills last thursday as I went to the meet the branch presidency meeting with the new elders and one sister and the zone leaders! It was really fun! We feel so cool since we have been here a month now... we basically know everything about this place! I am excited to do it again tomorrow.
We are still playing a lot of 4 square... I am honing my skills everyday... And I am proud to annouce that I have spent significant time in the "kings" square! Horrah!
Today we got to go to the temple... I love it! The temple seriously is the best and I am going to miss it so much!
I pretty much do the same thing everyday these days but I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! yes, I'm lovin' it here! (Anziano Stewart told me to say that)
Oh! I am so glad all you guys got to talk to seth! I saw him yesterday right as he left! He was nervous but SOOO excited! He is going to be so great! So proud of him! We said I love you and then... he left! Ah! Horrah for missionaries!
I love you all so much! and Miss you ooodles! Hope everything is going well with everyone!
Molto amounts of Love,
Sorella Nilson

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