Thursday, October 20, 2011

And so I mangia'ed....

Ciao my family

Here are some updates and stories!
Kerly- So amazing! She is now in Alma in the Book of Mormon! She has been through so much in her life and tells us every lesson how she just wants to do the right thing. We have told her how proud her Heavenly Father is of her and she seems so much happier these days! She gave me and sorella bowman flowers for our hair and scarves! This woman is working here in Italy away from her 3 kids so she can earn money to send back to them! How awesome is she! I cant even explain how much I have learned from her!
Claudia- Her baptism is on SUNDAY yahoo! We are so excited! She is still as perfect as ever. On friday she invited us over for dinner cuz she loves to cook... and guess what we ate... Octupus! YES! and the suckers were totally still visable! And yes... I ate it... ALL! I just popped it in my mouth and chewed..! Then she bought all these desserts cuz she was so excited! We took that pic of all our treats!
The Salazars- Okay... this family joined the Church just 6 months ago and OH are the awesome! They seriously take such good care of us... we have eaten with them 3 times sinces last week! and today, Lina (Sorella Salazar) took us to the market to go shopping and then fed us lunch... and oh can she cook! They are from Equador, they dont have a lot, and yet they are soooo good to us! Last wednesday we did experience something new... A lovely soup lina made us complete with Chicken hearts, liver, and feet... yep, claws and all... THE entire thing was just sitting there in my soup... actually like 5 of them :) WHAT? I didnt know what to do! you actually just eat all the skin, yep that think yellow stuff, off them... I about died... and yet I ate it... (magia=eat in Italian... hence the title of this email) But we ate delicious burritos saturday, Potatoes and peanutbutter (strange, but actually really good) on monday, and chicken, rice and french fries today! Goodness! This family is amazing!
I want you all to know I love you times a million and I hope you are all happy! Email me pics of things like the plays and Jakes dances and the Littles girls stuff!
Have so much fun in Oregon and tell everyone hi for me!
Slla Nilson
p.S. I have my first exchange this week! I leave tonight to go to Cuneo! Yahoo!

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