Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How great it is... To be a Missionary!

I hope you had fun in Oregon! I finally got mail this week! thanks for the letters and package! AND I CANT believe Pete in going to South Africa! Kate in my ward here is from south africa... she is the woman we make pancakes with! I love her! How exciting! Missions are wonderful! This week has just been absolutely wonderful!
It started off with a in Italian. I went to Cuneo with Sorella Ryan. It was so great! It was neat to do a different type of missionary work, I got my first taste of casa (tracking). Here in Genova we are just constantly talking to people on the street so I haven't actually knocked doors yet! It was crazy! Also, since Cuneo is small I got to ride a bike! horrah! It was about the size of American fork... I was fun to go up north, It actually looked alot like Utah... the Mountains! And it was COLD! Guess what, the apartment in Cuneo has a list of all the missionaries that have stayed there... and whose name should I behold on the list... none other than Jake Davis! cool huh?! All in all it was a really neat experience to go to Cuneo, and it made me realize how much I LOVE GENOVA!!! I was only gone 2 days and yet I missed my big, crazy, some what dirty, yet oh so beautiful city of Genova! I JUST LOVE IT HERE! It is now getting quite cold. Yesterday... It poured all day! yeah! but today, Sunny and about 70 degrees... what?! Like utah I guess :)
BUT THE BEST NEWS OF THE WHOLE WEEK: CLAUDIA GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so amazing! Wow... and this is why I am a missionary. There truly is nothing better than seeing someones life change and then seeing them come to the Savior and be baptized! We had her baptism after Church. I actually gave the Talk on the Holy Ghost (thank goodness I wrote my talks in the MTC and had one ready to go!) Then i played the piano and Sorella Bowman sang "I Stand all Amazed" and I think its even more beautiful in Italian. And then she got baptized. She was so happy, and the Spirit was soooo strong! I love that Girl! The gospel does change people. It brings a type of Joy that you just cannot find anywhere else no matter how hard you try. The thing is people dont realize this. They try so hard to find happiness in other ways, and it just leads to unhappiness. Yes, we do have trials, but Heavenly Father has promised us more joy than we can comprehend if we just will follow his path! The baptism was just amazing and what I love is that we had a lesson with Claudia last night. She told us she had had a bad day, and so she came home and what did she do... SHE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! She sat there and told us for about 25 minutes how it makes her happy, how the church has changed her life, and how she know that the book of mormon brings comfort. She said that she cant put it down. And that she wants to study it so that if any of her friends ever have a problem she can just say, oh dont worry, I have the answer, its in the Book of Mormon! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its true, The Book of Mormon is the Key. It is what sets us apart!!! We have the truth, and it is all in that Book. I am soo grateful for the Book of Mormon and the comfort it brings me in my life! keep reading it all of you, okay?! Deal, deal!
I am so grateful I get to see miracles everyday! I love you all... I love this work! have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween!
Sorella Nilson

Scambio (exchange) in cuneo! I got to Ride a bike! I was with Sorella Ryan!
Claudias Baptism!!!!! We were soooo excited! Anziano Romeo Baptized her and Anziano Pitt will confirm her next week! She is AMAZING!!
And in Lina Salazar is the lady in the pic with just girls!
Some from the MTC... a few people I ran into!

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