Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miracles...what more can I say

Hello my fam!
I am glad to hear things are going good! Things here in Italia are just wonderful! This week was soo busy with lots of wonderful things happening... so i'll just dive in!
Thursday, we had a training for new missionaries in Milan. It was amazing! Just the boost we needed to really throw ourselves into missionary work. We were taught that "things worth achieveing are worth working for!" We watched part of the movie that Brenda sent our fam, "facing the giants" It is a part where one of the players carries his team mate acrross the field on his back blindfolded. He tells the coach he thinks he can make it to the 20 yard line. His coach blindfolds him and tells him he wants him to "give me your best" The coach then cheers the player every step of the way, and the player makes it 100 yards to the opposite endzone. It really was a perfect parallel for our life. We limit ourselves, because we dont think we can do it. Our Heavenly father however, knows our potential. And if we put complete trust in him to guide us and give him our ALL, he will stand by our side through EVERYTHING and help us get back to him! I know that now matter what, If you give Heavenly Father your best, Thanks to the Atonement, he will take care of the Rest! And thats my goal, to give my best as a missionary! Oh I love being a missionary!!
Updates! Claudia is doing SO good! She is so wonderful and since she is just 24 it is so fun to see the gospel change the life of someone near my age. We did have a few mixups this week because the member who introduced her to the church told her about the Law of Chastity and Word of wisdom before we could... Allora, Claudia was really confused and so at our lesson yesterday told us that she heard we arent allowed to kiss before marriage, we have to have tattoos lazor removed before we can be baptized, and that as part of the word of wisdom, we have an organ cut out of us!! Goodness! We had some major clearing up to do! We were laughing so hard as we informed her that we can Kiss, dont have a weird surgery and that you dont have to have tattoos removed! But man even with all that, this girl is still so excited to get baptized!! Miracles!!
Kerly- miracle times a thousand!!! She was able to come to church on sunday!! We prayed and prayed that she could come! She brought the woman who has alzheimers with her and she sat completely quite all through sacrament! We go to teach her on Tuesday, and she said it was a great experience! Also, We go and we hadnt taught the word of wisdom, but when we got to her lesson, she had that she heard we dont drink coffee and had decided to give up coffee!! WHAT?? on her own!! That was friday and she hasnt had it since! She prays and reads so much! Seriously, to see her committment to wanting to do whats right... It just amazes me!
We have had some other wonderful chances to teach members, less actives, and are now teaching a girl who is 16 named Paola. She is sooo fantastic! Her parents are members but she doesnt want to join the church just cuz they did. So it is baby steps with her, but she is a totally sweetie! I love working with the youth!
All in all my family, it was a wonderful week! There are a few signs of halloween here and there, but I am not gonna lie... I am bummed about missing the halloween party! Italians sure dont love Halloween like we do... but now worries, they are awesome none the less!
Love you all times a billion!
Slla Nilson

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