Monday, November 7, 2011

Il tempo vola!

Yo! This is a ShOuT OuT to all Y'alls that Write Katie!!!
Anyone can write to Katie's email but she will have to write you a letter back.
She can only email her family.Her address is Feel free to drop her a line....and oh she said today that she gets her regular mail on transfers....that means every 6 weeks (give or take). So, if you have written to her and she has not written back that is why!

Yes, Yes, The time flies when you are a missionary! Can you believe it is already November??? How was the party? I hope you had fun! I attached a few pics of Mine and Sorella Bowman's Halloween Celebration... we had fun! Italians arent really into Halloween, but I took a second to dress up as a Magical Missionary complete with My Harry potter Sheet Cape and Wand courtesy of Jake! Thanks bud!
Well this week was awesome as usual! Claudia got the Holy Ghost on Sunday. We had a really awesome experience with her on Monday. We invited her to come with us to teach a lesson to a 16 year old girl named Liz. Liz is a friend of a member named Erica. Liz had lots of questions about where we go after death, what is soul, who am I... All the questions you love to hear as a missionary! We taught her about the plan of salvation. The real miracle was listening to Claudia! She bore her testimony of the book of mormon, described what it felt like the first time she felt the spirit, and told Liz that she understood where she was coming from because 6 weeks ago she was Catholic! It was so powerful to hear her testify of how her life is changed! I just love that Girl! And we will be meeting again with Liz later this week! Claudia also told us that She saw some pictures of a girl in our ward on her mission, and she thought of us. Then she imagined herself with a name tag. She said she prayed and promised Heavenly Father that as soon as she finished school, she would serve a mission! WHAT????! The gospel is amazing... That is ALL there is to it!
We have had a lot of neat experiences teaching people as we have bumped into them, or seen them on the street. I am really working on opening my mouth... I worry too much about not understanding what they say back to me, but I am trying really hard to have more faith! Last night we went to the Hospital. Lina Salazars son Daniel's appendix burst. They did an operation, but it was very infected. The anziani gave him a blessing and we are praying all will be well. We went there to comfort Lina, the least we can do for all that she does for us. While we were there a woman who saw Lina talking to us and crying came up to talk to us. She asked who we were and then starting asking a bunch of Questions. Her son is in the Hospital and she lost her mom a few years ago. Her name is Manuela. We told her about the restoration and that as part of Heavenly Fathers restored gospel, we can live with our families forever after this life. Well, just about as we were going to have a prayer, a woman walked up, and joined in the conversation. We she heard we were talking about Christ, she told us she totally believed in Christ, because she had see him. Yep. What do you say to that? Manuela then asked if we had seen Christ. We told her no, but that we had faith and that we knew he lived and was our Savior. Allora! Anyway, we gave her a pamphlet and told her to read it. We are hoping to see her when we go back to visit Daniel.
Well this week has been full of adventures! I finished my first transfer... cant believe it! I will be staying in Genova for the next transfer too! I LOVE IT here! I love getting to be apart of bringing the Gospel to others. I know that everyone says this... but when people talk about a mission being a sacrifice, It is really actually such a blessing! I know this is true! I feel so lucky to be here watching people come close to their Heavenly father! I know that it is through the gospel that we find true and lasting peace and happiness!
I hope all of you are having a great week! Good luck with the play and stuff! Have fun and know I love you and am always praying for you!
Love you!,
Slla Kates
P.S. Anziano Healey from our stake is totally in my Zone! And I was at a members house last night... Kate... she is from South Africa, and she showed me Dylan Mckinnons wedding announcement she had! I was like... What? He was in my ward! Apparently He served in the same ward I am serving in Here in Genova.
Oh and Dad, President Moon's Nephew, Anziano Thomas was in my district! He actually just got transfered... he will leave tomorrow, but we finally made the connection that we knew the same people!

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