Thursday, November 24, 2011

I know it is True

My Famiglia!
How are you all! It sounds like things are super busy right now! I am definately sad I am missing the play! Rock on Jake! I know you are awesome! Sounds like things are busy, but Thanksgiving is coming soon so that will be a nice break right? He he (easy for me to say!)
Well I want you to know that I am doing wonderful! We had another great week here in Genova! Man, everytime I walk down the streets here and look around me I just think, how lucky am I to be a Missionary... and in Italy! I just love it here! This past week was really busy, lots of lessons to teach after a week of being inside.
This week I had my first experience of having to drop an investigator. It was a young girl named Paola... (I don't know if I have ever talked about her before). She was doing so great and her life was changing, the trouble was, she didnt realize it was the gospel that was making the difference. On saturday we had a lesson that turned out to be disaster to say the least. We had an amazing lesson on faith and watched Finding faith in Christ. The spirit was so strong and Slla Bowman invited Paola to make a baptism date.... It was all down hill from there. She said she had already been baptized so she didnt need to, who were we to say we had the authority, that her faith would be enough in the end and that God still loved her even if she wasnt baptized. She said she didnt need to read some book to know the truth. BOOM... yep. It broke our hearts. I promise I was devestated... she had everything in her hands and just turned away! We hope that one day she will be willing to listen again. But the reason I share this experience with you is because it totally strengthened by testimony... how? you may ask... Well I will tell you. Because during everything she said, I was not phased one bit. The thought that came to mind mind, was "I am so sorry, but you are just so wrong!!!!" I bore my testimony to her that I KNEW Joseph Smith saw what he said he did! I KNOW he restored the church to the earth, and I KNOW That this way, by being baptized a member of this church, is the ONLY way back to our Heavenly Father. Yes, faith is important, but faith without action... is nothing! I LOVE THE GOSPEL! It is sooooo precious!!! I realized that as my heart broke as Paola turned away. AH! Don't take it for granted!
Now one more story! We have another girl named Liz who we are teaching, same age as Paola, 16. She came to church on sunday for the first time and LOVED IT! She has sooo many questions! Yesterday was the 3rd time we have met with LIz, we reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her because we actually taught it to her on her first lesson because of her questions, but that was 2 weeks ago so we wanted to review. We set out the first peace of the plan, the spirit World. I was about to talk and she was like "Oh I know this" and she went ahead and explained the entire plan to us! WHAT??? This little girl is amazing! She is reading the Book of Mormon, and Told us how she used to just think her life didnt have a purpose, but she is so happy to know it does, know that she knows about the plan of Salvation! AH!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL SOOO stinking much! She is awesome! I love being a missionary and seeing the joy the gospel brings to peoples lives!!! It is such a blessing!
I love you all so much and pray everyday for you!
SOrella Nilson

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