Thursday, November 24, 2011

  • The Rains came down and the floods came up....‏

To Jill Nilson, Joe Nilson
Mia Famiglia!
I would like to commence this e-mail in letting you all know that since I last wrote to you I have left my apartment on 2 days!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (we got to go out for a bit on Monday) We were trapped in our appartment due to Flooding in GENOVA!! Yes!!! It was POURING for all three days... centro was completely under water. This empty river that we always drive past that is about 30 feet deep was completely full and overflowing. It was crazy, Actually 8 people died! I couldnt believe it! But dont worry... I am safe.... Our Mission president and bishop would not let us leave! WHAT! The crazy thing was that where we live there was only rain, not flooding... so it felt weird to stay inside. But we saw all the pictures at District meeting from where the anziani live.... water up past their knees!
Well when you have a week inside, you dont actually do much teaching... Alas, you really go crazy as a missionary when you have nothing to do! It didnt feel like a nice break or anything... more like stress cuz we couldnt see our investigators or members and couldnt be out working! We definately had a lot of time on our hands.... and lots of time to study. I finished the Book of Mormon (granted I was in 3 Nephi), We watched EVERY episode of the district, watched finding faith in christ, on the lords errand (twice), and did lots of comp study, Wackle, I know!! In reality, it turned out to be a good thing. My companion and I learned a lot and set a lot of new goals for this transfer! Can you all believe I am starting my 2nd TRANSFER! Crazy! We made goals to talk to more people and give 110% to our misisonary work!
We got to go out on Monday and put what we learned to the test! We made a goal to make sure that every time on the bus we talked to someone, this is hard for us cuz the buses are always so crowded and loud, and honestly I get nervous I wont understand people. but I studied a lot about Faith during those 3 days in and I KNOW That if you have faith, you can do ANYTHING!. And we did it! It was awesome. We went to pass by a less active and she didnt actually let us in, so we got back on the bus to head home. While on the bus, a lady came and sat by us. we started talking and ended up telling her all about the church! We got her number and she will be a referal for the other sisters! Then as a little extra bonus... we stopped by a fruit stand to get some clementines, they are basically to DIE for here! We have been there before and started chatting with the owner this time. we told him who we were and what we were doing, and just chatted for a bit. In the end, it was 2 kilos for 2 euro... he gave us 3 kilos and 2 bananas just for the 2 euro! Oh happy day! I love being a MISSIONARY!
It was such a great day! It just goes to show how much your attitude and determination to serve the Lord make ALL the difference on a mission! If you always remember that your purpose is to invite other to come unto Christ and love them as he would, its easy to do! Yesterday we were stuck in side again... alas! Until the night and we got to go have a lesson with claudia! Having lessons with her always make me so happy! She went to a YSA (GANS in italian) activity in Torino this weekend and said she has never had so much fun in her life! She said she felt the spirit so strong and just thought the whole time "This is where I am supposed to be! THIS IS RIGHT! i am so happy!" She said that over and over! OH CHILLS! It is amazing to see her life change!
Last miracle of the week, we met this girl named Cythia 2 weeks ago. We planned an appointment with her but she cancelled cuz she had to work. We have been calling and calling her and praying she would visit with us and NO response... we were sooo bummed cuz she was the best! We had pretty much given up and just decided that hopefully she would one day be interested again... and BOOM! She called us yesterday! She had just been visiting her family in Rome! we get to meet with her tomorrow!
Everyday of my mission I learn so much about how much HEavenly Father is aware of each of us! He LOVES his children and all he wants is for us to be happy! Hope everything is sooo good at home! I love you all!
Ciao for now,
Sorella Nilson
p.s. SHOUT OUT TO MAC DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! VARSITY!, you rock my socks!

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