Thursday, November 24, 2011

  • Happy Thanksgiving!‏

To Jill Nilson, Joe Nilson, Josie Nilson
Cara famiglia,
Ciao everyone! I really hope you are doing good! I bet you are having fun getting all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I hope you all have fun! I will miss eating all that deliciousness and being with you all!
This week was definately a busy one. We had a 3 zone training on Friday, so we went up to Milan. It was absolutely wonderful! I love the trainings, Our President and his wife are simply amazing and we learn so much from them. We had the chance to watch the movie "17 Miracles". It was amazing. Have you all seen it yet? If not, go an buy it... and watch it this weekend... It is perfect for thanksgiving. As I watched that movie all I could think about was the faith of those Pioneers and their sacrifice to come to Zion. They were amazing! I am so grateful for their examples of Faith and sacrifice. I have been thinking a lot about their examples of Faith.. that is how strong I want my faith to be. I am going to work on it! I have really learned that Faith brings Miracles, and Obedience, blessings... It is soooo true!
At the conference we also got to see a lot of missionaries. I saw anziano Andersen and Anziano Healey... who told me Suzy got her call to Argentina!!! AHHHHH!!! I am sooooo excited for her... do you know that makes 9 of us on missions! SOOO excited!
I am grateful my Mission President constantly reminds us to look for miracles in our work. I saw a lot of miracles this past week. One was with Paola, yep, the 16 year old girl we dropped last week. We went back over to her house on Saturday to teach her mom, a new convert. But Sorella Garcia was not there... just Paola... We were stressed. My collega and I didnt plan on this and were worried since she was so mad last week. Well we went a head and started teaching about how God is our Heavenly Father, and it was going no where, she was just grumpy and not responding. So Slla Bowman just started asking her questions. We learned in our conference the power of inspiried questions, and I can tell you it is real. We cant even remember all the questions she asked, but suddenly Paola was bawling. She explained that she has been struggling so much with her family and that she feels so alone and felt that every missionary that has come to teach her only came because they wanted a baptism. Oh how we were grateful we came back! We talked to her about how much we loved her and were there to help her in anything she needed. She told us she was willing to start reading the Book of Mormon atleast to try.... MIRACLE, I think yes!
2 other Miracles... TThe other day We got on the bus to go and visit the salazars, Daniel is out of the Hospital! Thank you for Preisthood blessings! Anyway, There was a girl at the front of the bus and we where at the back. Sorella Bowman smiled at her and the girl then waved, so Sorella Bowman waved back. Then the girl came over to us. We had no clue who she was and asked if we had met her before. She said yes, just now when you waved to me. We were so surprised! We told her we were missionaries and asked if she would be interested in learning, she said yes and we will see her later this week! It was such a miracle! Then Last night we were on the bus home. We sit down and this man turns around in front of us and was like "Are you the missionaries from la chiesa di Gesu cristo dei santi degli ultimi giorni?" We responded yes... He then went on to tell us that he had been visiting the missionaries in Torino and was looking for them here. He said he was very religious and wants to learn. He also said that he has lots of friends who want to learn too! He told us to set up a time and he will make an event on facebook and they will all come so that we and the elders can teach them. We about died...! WHAT? So he might be crazy, but it is a miracle none the less! We are gonna call him tonight!
Well the work is going forward. We are kind of in a drought for people to teach, but we are gonna keep working hard no matter what!
Before I go, I just want to list all the things I am grateful for this year! I know I cant be with you all but I love you soooooo much!
I am thankful for... my family, you, my amazing siblings and mom and dad. I am thankful that my dad has the priesthood, that my mom has the strongest testimony, that my siblings make good decisions, that I have the tightest family around, that I have amazing cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandmas! For amazing friends who have stayed so close to the gospel! For amazing friends who have served and are serving missions! I am thankful for the gospel! For a Heavenly Father who loves me and my family. For a Savior who died for me! For a Prophet who recieves modern day revelation! For General conference so we can hear the word of God! For the opportunity to be a missionary and share this joyful news here in Italy! I love being a missionary!
Have the best time tommorow and eat lots of grandmas fruit salad for me!
Love you,
Slla Nilson

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