Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Highlight of my week was....

Oops! I forgot to post last week! Here you go!!!!

Buon Giorno mia famiglia!!!

Ciao tutti! How is everything going!?? Sounds like everyone is busy as ever! Jake you look great with a lute... it is definately very Shawn Spencer. Ems, Sabrines... I need pics! How in the world did my whole family go all broadway on me! You guys are amazing!!! Just remember if you get famous before I get back that I am still you sis and deserve backstage passes! Jos, how is school and such? I hope you are all having tons of fun! Can you please send me lots of pics! I want to see everything! And I promise I will send pics soon, but the internet point we use most of the time you can't send pics so I'll try to go to the other one next week.

Fam, the high point of this week was definately DANIELA'S BAPTISM!!!!!!! OH!! It was so beautiful! We had the program which went great and then the bishop baptized her. After her baptism as we were helping her get ready she told us how light she felt and kept saying "I feel like I could fly!!!" We as missionaries then sang "Come thou Fount" in Italian and according to me it went pretty good (with all this singing I am doing on my mission I might just join you all in the music business when I get back!) Then Daniela had the chance to bear her testimony! It was amazing! She told again about here experience with the Book of Mormon and then how she felt after her baptism! I absolutely love this woman! She is an amazing example of literally unshakable faith. She still has so many challenges that she has to face and is looking for work, but she constantly says she knows Heavenly Father will help her. After the Baptism they had a little refreshment for everyone and Daniela was talking to all the investigators that were there and telling them that they too could feel like she did if they got baptized and how she searched for her whole life for the right path and finally found it... literally music to a missionaries ears! Sunday she recieved the Holy Ghost. Then in Gospel principles as we were talking about the atonement and she raised her hand and explained how she felt to be clean again. She then explained the power she felt come over her during her confermation! WHAT???? I just cannot even express the perma-grin I have on my face whenever I am in Daniela's presence! I am sooo grateful for the blessing of getting to work with her and still getting to teach her as a New Convert Now!!

Well now that Daniela is baptized we have a lot of finding work to do! But Sorella Laratro and I are having fun doing it! You sure get to meet a lot of interesting people when you knock doors or stop people on the street. I think one of the hardest thing as a missionary is having people turn us down because of the Book of Mormon. I want to just burst and say "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!!! :)" I was trying to think of how I could explain it... I thought of how the Bible is like a Candle... it gives us light. But the Book of Mormon is like a high powered Flash light that gives us all the light we need. And people are like "no thanks I'll stick with the candle"!! The funny thing is that we KNOW the bible gives us light, we just want to add to that light!!! OR the fact that they aren't even willing to pray to know if it could be true! Sorella Laratro always says it is like we are giving them a debit card with a 1,000,000 dollars and all they have to do is go to the bank and pull it out, but they aren't willing to go to the bank! Well... my little soap box on the Book of Mormon. Dad, you said you are loving the Book of Mormon right now! I am so happy. I am too! I can't even tell you how much I am learning. I don't know what it is but this time around reading it, it seriously is like a new book for me! I am writing down Everything because every 2 seconds I am like, "What! How long has that been in the Book of Mormon!!" I can just tell you that I am definately eating it up and feeling the desire to nourish myself on the scriptures! I hope all of you can learn to love the Book of Mormon just as much! It might feel like it is Boring but start looking for the lessons and the stories and it just comes to life. I recently read the beginning of Mosiah. Can I just say I love King Benjamin... the man just doesn't mix words! He tells things how they are! If you want to have blessings, then keep the commandments... point Blank! Yep, I am having fun :)

Well fam... I love being a missionary... need I say more??

I love you and miss you times a million and a half!
Slla Kate

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