Friday, March 30, 2012

Howdy hey...‏

Hey Team,

How ya'll doing? I loved the pictures!! Jake you look awesome... Mom! I love your hair! Sabrines and ems.... you are sooo old! Jose... Your gorgeous! Dad... you must have been taking the pic! he he! My fam! I love you soooo much! I can't believe how much you all are doing!

Well this week was a good one. Last P-day We went with a family in our ward to Lago di Garda a beautiful lake here! I was soooo wonderful and warm and we ate a ginormous gelato! It was lovely! Then friday, saturday, sunday, and monday consisted of us trying to go out to work and then coming back home because Slla Laratro was really sick again. I am really getting mom training on the mission! Thank goodness I had some practice with little siblings so I knew a bit about how to take care of her. However one thing I still have to get the guts for is when they are throwing up. I stayed in our bedroom and called to the bathroom and told her "I am sorry Slla but I cannot help you!!!" One day I be prepared to face that... maybe ;)

But don't worry... I don't know how but I didn't get sick at all. No fever, no cold, no nothing! I am soooo grateful for this because you know how easily I catch things. Honestly... I am litterally blessed!

Tuesday we went to a conference in Milan for only the Sisters. It was GREAT!!! I loved it and learned so much especially about planning and making every second of our mission count. I am excited to put this into practice. Yesterday we had a BLITZ here in Verona which is why we didn't have P-day until today. The sisters from Porde None came here to help us with our work. I worked with Slla Sloan who was in my italian class at BYU... neat! After our Blitz Slla Laratro and I had the rest of the night to do some finding. We went to one of our favorite parks and started talking with some people. We stopped a woman who was walking along and she told us "listen I am exercising. I come to the park everyday and try to exercise, but I never get to because someone always stops me." She started to walk away But that only encouraged us ;) We just kept talking and we told her about our message and in the end she stopped. We talked until she got a phone call and had to go home but she said, "I have to walk this way, want to walk with me?" So we walked to the end of the park talking to her and we were able to give her an opuscolo. BUT then as a result of walking with her the route we took back took us past a woman sitting by herself on a bench. Of course we stopped to talk to her. Turns out she was having a bad day so she came to the park to get some fresh air. We thus commenced letting this woman know how much Heavenly Father loved her. In the end she asked "Can I come to your church?" Yahoo!!! We got her number and have another appointment with her tonight! I love watching how Heavenly Father litterally guides each step you take as missionaries!

I am SOOOOO excited for conference this weekend! How lucky we are that we have a living prophet that speaks to us and guides us! EVERYBODY WATCH it! Okay? ;)

I love you all and shall talk to you again next week!

Molto amounts of amore,


p.s. I saw Slla Bowman at the sister conference and she told me... CLAUDIA IS GETTING MARRIED!! Yep she will get married in July to an returned missionary she met at a singles ward activity! WHAT??

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