Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Then sings my Soul!!‏

Family! Ciao tutti! Come state?? Spero che tutto vada bene!

Guys... I am the most excited thing right now... why?? Because DANIELA is getting baptized on friday!!!! We have worked our hearts out this last week to insure that she was taught everything and really prepared for her interview and baptism. She passed with flying colors! The amazing thing about Daniela is she just has soooo much faith. She reads and prays everyday and has the strongest testimony of the Book of Mormon. We asked her on Sunday to share her testimony of the Book of Mormon in Relief Society. She was really nervous but we told her just to tell what she felt. I prayed so much for her that she would be able to do well and not be nervous. It was the most beautiful testimony of the book of mormon I have ever heard. The spirit was so strong as She explained how she felt a fire inside her when she read and that tears just began rolling down her face. She said she can't believe it took her 39 years to find this book! Honestly I was just beaming. I could not stop smiling!!! I was SOOOO proud of her! She is incredible and soooo excited for her baptism. She tells everyone about how she is ready to start her new life and has no fear about sharing her testimony... oh if we all were just like Daniela. Plus she is the most giving person I have ever met. It offends her if we don't take what she offers us when we visit her and everytime she offers basically her entire house. She has so little but is willing to give it all to us. She still hasn't found work but is helping all her friends find work (jobs she can't do because she has her son). I love her so much and have truley learned about humility and fervent faith from her.

I also will be singing at her baptism... don't ask me how I get roped into all these musical numbers, but if it is for Daniela I shall sing my heart out. I shall let you know how it goes!

Almost all our efforts this week have been focus on Daniela and she seriously is a miracle everyday. But one other miracle I have to mention is this... we had an amazing lesson last thrusday with a less active. She is 22ish and hasn't been to church in over 3 years. We have been visting her with her family but this time had a lesson just for her. We told her how important she was to Heavenly Father and that he needed her to serve in his church. Her biggest fear was what members would think... we told her she didn't need to worry about that. That night she came to the ward party- the first time she has stepped foot in the church for years and had so much fun! She promised this next week she will come to church! YES!

I am sooo grateful for the gospel and soooo grateful for the chance to see it change peoples lives... it is litterally amazing! I can't believe how blessed I am even when I am not perfect! I absolutely love being a missionary! We have lots of work to do to find more investigators (hopefully more Daniela's ;) ) but I am ready for it!

I love you all and have a bellissima settimana!

Ciao for now,

Slla Nilson

pics: A bit of Verona... The pic of me on the bridge reminds me of Rainbow row in Charleston... It is the rainbow row of Verona ;)

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