Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buona Pasqua!‏

Hey Fam,

Just a short little note this week but I want to wish you a BUONA PASQUA!!! Happy easter! I hope you all have fun at the party! The pics from conference looked soooo fun! I sure hope you all ate enough crepes for me!

CONFERENCE was AMAZING!!! I think it is litterally a whole new world watching conference as a missionary. It is like an outpouring of revelation! How lucky and blessed we are to have a prophet and apostles that lead and guide us today!! I got to listen to 2 sessions in English. Preisthood and Sunday morning... AMAZING! THen I got to watch 2 others in english. I SAW SUZE!!!! I felt so proud to see my little suze singing in the chior! I love it! Well, Preisthood I think was my favorite ;) I loved The first Presidency's talks. President Monson talking about DUTY!! I think it was perfect not just for preisthood holders but for MIssionaries too!

This week has been a good one. Lots of finding but the thing is little miracles happen everyday! I would say we had a conference attendance miracle. We decided that we were going to call all investigators and invite all the people we met to conference. In the two days of conference we ended up having 6 investigators come and watch! It was such a blessing because They were able to feel the power of the prophet and the apostles and more than one of them said, "That was exactly what I needed to hear!"

I love being a missionary. Even on the hard days it is the biggest blessing in the World. I am just soooo greatful for my Savior and for what he did for me and for each of us. I know that it is only through him that we can return to our Heavenly Father, and constantly keep going. The power of the atonement not only cleanses us but sustains us through everything we have to experience or endure. THe Savior is always there walking right beside us. I hope you all have a wonderful easter and think lots about the real meaning of easter.

Also, decorate a colored egg, eat one of grandma's sugar cookies and a bag of cadbury eggs for me!

I love you times a thousand!

Slla Kate

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