Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your daughter is amazing (ward member in italy)‏

I got this surprise today! Happy Easter to me!!!!
So...I wanted to share it with all of you........
Happy Easter to you!
Your beautiful daughter serves in my ward and it is such a joy to know her!

She is a true beauty inside and out and is so giving, is serving so
strong, always willing to help and is making such a difference!

My husband and I moved from California to Verona in November and it
has been so wonderful for me to be able to speak to someone in English
and she is a dear friend now, so happy to know her!

We've taken a couple pictures while the Sisters have been at our house
and I wanted to pass them along!

One day the sisters taught me how to make homemade pizza and tiramusu
(yum!) it was so fun and exciting.

Another night this week they dropped by to give us a 21 day challenge
to do missionary work and we fed them some american brownies, they
bring the spirit with them so strong every time they come.


Heather Fujikawa

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  1. I loved this! My daughter is Sorella Chandra Lloyd. She is serving in Pordenone right now. We have had several messages and phone calls from people who have been in contact with her. It is such a great experience when that happens. I am so grateful there are thoughtful people. I love reading Sorella Nilson's blog. She has such a strong testimony. I am always uplifted after. Thank you for sharing.
    Mona Lloyd