Sunday, August 26, 2012

I bid thee farewell my dear sweet Verona!‏

Famiglia Mia,
I AM GETTING TRANSFERED! Yep... It doesn't come as a huge surprise, but where I am going does! I am going to....
What the what?!? I never thought it for sure and I found out last night! And so thus tomorrow morning me and Slla Morley are off on the first train to Milano, where I will then stay! It's back to the big city for me! Back to buses, metro, and crowds... even bigger than Genova! I can't believe it. I am for sure really excited but oh man my heart is breaking to leave Verona. I've spent like 1/2 my mission here. I love the members, my little sorellina morley, the people, the city, my bike... alas! I don't think everything has quite sunk in yet because it is still so fresh, but I am quite positive tonight I will be a mess! My new comp is named Slla Lloyd from Lehi. I am really excited because we were actually in the MTC together and best of all... SHE LOVES MUSICALS!! She reminds me so much of you jose... We have done exchanges twice together and last time she sang "astonishing" for me when I told her I was going to miss your play. Thus it shall be broadway bliss in our apartment!  I will for sure miss Slla Morley too. We have had so much fun together, and above all learned so much together! I am just glad she lives in Highland and thus it isn't a real goodbye!
Sabrines, Ems and Jake... You guys started school!! Crazy! How is it??? Jake you are a SENIOR!! That is just crazy business! You are all growing up too fast!
This week seems like it was even more insane than the last week. We have been working like crazy with Yamilka still. Last week we had some incredible lessons with her and on Saturday night we called her and she said she wanted to be baptized! I about died! So we hurried and got everything ready so that she could be baptized tonight before I left. We announced it Sunday in church... but sunday night... Doubts started flowing. She said she couldn't do it. We with the Family Avesani tried smoothing things over and we did. But yesterday she said she just couldn't do it. She didn't feel ready. She said she will be baptized, but just not in this moment. I was really blessed with an enormous amount of peace. Yes, I was so sad. Mostly because I just see this battle going on in her head. I know the only way she will have the peace she wants is through the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is the HARDEST part. She knows this is right, but fear gets in the way. Man is that one of Satans most powerful tools... he gets us to fear and thus block out the ability to have faith! AH! However, I know that she is someone very special, with enormous potential. The day will come, just in the Lords time. Gosh it's hard to leave!!
 We have seen a lot of miracles this week in finding. We have litterally been trying to talk to so many people! The other night in the park we ride up on our bikes and stop the first person we see. Name: Martina Description: 2 dogs, Piercings everywere, and a "nice" outfit on. We started talking to her and she said she felt like she has hit rock bottom in her life. She said I think I am starting to believe in God again because there has got to be someone who can help me. She said a few days before out of desperation she said a prayer for the first time in years. Then we showed up. Don't you love how Heavenly Father works ;) We talked to her about our message and In the end we got her number and asked if we could meet her again. She said of course and "Can I bring my Mom?" BLISS! Of course we replied!
Another Miracle like that happened just yesterday when we went to the park. Stopped another girl walking her dog (I think they are lucky) She told us right off she was atheist (code for I just don't really want to talk to you). We asked why and got talking. Well I asked her what she thought happens after death. She replied, "Thats something I ask myself a lot. I mean... I don't think it all ends here..." Allora! That means she does have some faith ;) Well we told her it doesn't end here and that Heavenly Father has a plan for her.... and she said she wants to know more about it! MIRACLE!
Yay for all these miracles that are happening just as I leave! But So it goes on the mission! I am soooo grateful for the time I have had here in Verona. We have incredible members and honestly these people have become like family to me. They have been there non stop to help us, take care of us, and feed us ;) I love them so much!
I can't wait for the adventure that lies ahead for me in Milano! We shall see whats in store! But I know that its where I am supposed to go. I Love being a missionary. I know the church is true. It really is the best. Its the only way we can be 110% happy even in the hard times. I love you all soooo much! 
Ciao for now...
Slla Nilson  
 P.S. I feel like I am sooo behind the times, but I can't believe Hans and Hills are HOME!! Hills thanks for the email and post card. Berit's on a mish yahoo! Roomies... I want to hear from you. Seth, Pete, Alex? We're all missionaries! Can I get alex's address or email? Will he be in the spain mtc for part of it? Thanks my friends for your letters... I promise one day I will respond when I have atleast 3 minutes to write! ;) Love you all!

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