Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the climb...‏

Hey guys!
Yes, Hannah montana did inspire the subject of this e-mail! How are you all doing? Goodness gracious time is flying! Mom mentioned that school is starting in just a couple weeks... crazy! Jose... you still alive? I am sooo excited for you and the play! I think it will be awesome! Please make sure you film all of it okay! Jake you ready for sr. year? Thats crazy! You're gonna love your ap classes though! Sabrines... what? 9th grade! It's impossible! What classes are you taking? And Ems... you ready for 6th? Wow... crazy how old our family is getting! Or maybe it's just me!
Well guys, the work continues to go on! This week has been quite a roller coaster- in the exciting, crazy sort of way!! We have been working like crazy this week with Yamilka. She is awesome, she really is. The ward loves her and everybody just keeps telling us how great she is. She really has felt welcomed too. BUT, she told us she isn't ready to get baptized. Her baptism was supposed to be this week, but she says she is still waiting for her answer. We are trying hard to help her realize that she has already gotten it. Honestly she has had a dream of her baptism, an experience from the past that helped her know the plan of salvation is true, peace, happiness... the works. It's just getting her to recognize all that. I love her so much and honestly am just praying and having faith that we can help her get what she is looking for because I know she will be baptized. It's just a matter of time ;)
We had another miracle on Sunday... Two weeks ago we visited a MA family that hasn't been to church in Years. The lesson went well and we talked to them about how they can become an eternal family. Well this Sunday, after years of never coming, in walks the Dad with his 4 kids. (the mom had to work) They were soooo well recieved, the ward was thrilled. When we went and visited them yesterday all the kids said they loved church and as we were leaving said... "See you on Sunday!" It was amazing! I know the gospel blesses families and gives us the chance to be together forever!
Miracles continue to happen everyday. We are searching like crazy to find those who are willing to listen. It is really neat though to have this chance to talk to people, to leave them with hope, and to make them feel Heavenly Fathers love for them. Just yesterday we stopped on our bikes to talk to a woman. As we talked to her she just stopped and said... "Wow, I have goosebumps... gosh I just feel something in my heart!" She said it three times while we were talking to her. We smiled and then explained what she was feeling was the spirit. We are planning to see her again this week.
I really love being a missionary. I am learning that honestly in life it is about finding Joy in the Journey, about finding happiness now. Heavenly Father wants us to have peace and joy now, not in 20 years. Like President Uchtdorf said, we don't have to wait for our golden ticket to be happy now, Everyday there are miracles and blessings that Heavenly Father sends us. We just have to recognize them and then be grateful for them. I am sooo grateful for the gospel. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has sooo much patience for my weaknesses. I have been so humbled on my mission I can't even explain. How grateful I am for a Savior who made it possible for us to repent and start over when we make mistakes. To take the sacrament and be clean again. All of this brings me joy!
I love you all so much! Keep on keeping on and have fun while you are at it! Miss you!
Slla Nilson
P.S. We had a ward activity this week. We played Volleyball. Americans (missionaries) vs. Italians... I hate to say it... we lost. I will need to refine my skills! But it was sooo fun and the ward leaders thanked us for spending time with the ward ;)

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